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Cute but annoying

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My Chloe is a total lap cat. She will "consume" you with love and affection. She makes my husband and I laugh over her impatience. When we first adopted her we noticed she would jump on your lap and tap our leg with her paw as if to ask permission. It has progressed to her lounging on our chest (her whiskers tickle she is so close) and progressively tap my face with her paw whenever I stop petting her! I think since we adored her first behavior so much, she now thinks she is being rewarded with the constant tapping. When I ignore her it gets even harder! She makes little noises and gets mad when I ignore her.

Does anyone else have a cat who does this?
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Awwwww what a love bug she is isn't she!! Yes my two tap at me for attention as well, especially Sophie
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My cat Dexter (my avitar) will come in bed with me at night, and just start head-butting me on my face and stand directly on my chest (he weighs about 18 pounds. OUCH) until I pet him, and him only..If I don't he starts howling loudly and won't move an inch...I guess he feels this is his "special" time for uninterupted love..
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My other cat Rusty does that! He gets paranoid on Saturday's cause he thinks I have over slept my alarm so I get this howl in my ear drum! Then he sniffs my nose to make sure I am breathing.

I say "you go through all of this work for just 2 snackies?"
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Chloe sounds adorable, you must love her loads

My Radar is a lovely mix - he's an independent cat who is happy to go off and find mischief by himself without being glued to your side, but when he wants affection, which is always on his own terms, he is a complete LOVEBUG!

When he wants a cuddle he is not content with a lap, he has to be as close to your face as he can get - often with licking (and dribbling) of your nose, chin, and eyelids. I have been sitting in the computer chair and have him sidle his way up from my lap so I am cradling him with an arm in order for him to get close to my face.

Sonic is quite possibly the most affectionate cat I've ever met, I wake up most mornings with him asleep curled up on my face If I reach my hand out to stroke his head and back while he's there he will purr and knead on my face
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my gracy does this , he gets very jealous if he sees us petting one of the other cats , he will come up to us have a moan at us and will tap you with his paw and will carry on untill you pet him lol , i think its very sweet except when your asleep lol.
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Dino taps me..................but its usually for food
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