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Tuesday DT

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I think I've got the hang of this not working thing. Sat around in my robe and slippers, until 10:00. I DO have one load of laundry, in the washer and one in the dryer. Bill has been doing most of the laundry so, I'm taking that load off of him.

Now, I'll have time to load and play with my new software. I bought a desktop publishing program and one for greeting cards. I, also got a new one, for photo editing. Once the Christmas tree is up, I'm going to try to get everybody to sit still, together for a picture. I'd like to make my own Christmas cards, for next year.

Since the nights have gotten cooler, I got concerned about Ike lying on the bare concrete of our patio. He goes out, when Bill gets up and stays out, most of the day. Yesterday, we bought a big, thick doggie bed, for him. In no time, at all, he was piled right onto it. Of course, he's in the house at night and sleeps on the Arizona room sofa.

Opie has moved from the LaZBoy, to our bed. Its warmer, there. Rowdy is alternating between the bed and my chest of drawers. Do we spoil our pets or what?

Have a good one.
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Cindy, if there's one thing I have learned to count on, it's that the kitties will be snuggled up on the bed with me when its cold out. Not that I mind, at all. I love when they sleep with me. No, mine aren't spoiled either. I have to have their favorite blanket on me all year round so they can sleep with/on me.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

It's so pretty outside. It is supposed to get really, really cold for the next couple days. They said we hit our high today around 7:00 a.m. of 33 degrees (0 degrees C), and should drop to the lower 20s by mid afternoon. But it is nice and warm inside, and the snow is covering the trees and it looks like a postcard. I love snow!
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Too cold, for my blood. Right now, its 75 and sunny. I took Ike out, to start leash-training him.
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Cindy, I'm so jealous of you having time to do what you want. And so jealous of the weather. The UK has been lashed with big storms over the weekend (I'm going to be clinkering the ark this weekend, just in case) and it hasn't stopped raining in Yorkshire for about two weeks! Alf is going crazy, as he wants to go outside to do his "doings" but hates getting his paws wet - maybe someone is selling cat wellingtons somewhere..... So, how is the leash training going? Have you ended up with the cat on your shoulder, the leash wrapped round a lamp-post, and your arm wrenched out of it's socket?

Hope everyone is having a good day
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Cindy....one load of laundry??? Oh how I long for that day to come!!! With 3 boys (2 young ones and a hubby) I seem to have one load every 12 hours! I am forever playing catch up!

Heidi, I love snow also but....I absolutely hate driving in it! I am dreading winter. It is my 3rd year of winter driving so I am improving but...I hate it. Personally, I could live without it.

Anyone have any news from Ady? Last I heard she was not feeling well. Seems it's been a long time since I've seen a post. Hope you're doing okay Ady.

Myself....I am better!!! Yay! I'm thinking it was either a 24 hour flu or it was something I ate???? Who knows? And right now...I'm not even looking for the reason. I'm just happy that I am better!

Well.....my nerves are a little shot this week also. It's review time. I hate this time of year. Every November 1st, my boss has to review the management team and determine whether your are improving and he checks to see if you have accomplished the goals he set for you the previous year. I know I am doing okay but....it still makes me nervous. Reminds me of when I was in school and there were auditions for the school play. I loved acting but I absolutely hated being in the hot seat and having people judge me.
This review also determines the % of your yearly increase so....it's important to do well during the year.

Well....have a great end of day everyone!
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