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These pics brought tears to my eyes!!!!

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I can't believe this has happened at last!! Max and Ben are nearly two years old now - and for the whole two years, Max has hero worshipped grumpy old Melchett (14) following him all over the house and begging him to play. For all his troubles, all he has ever got has been hissing, growling and a slap round the nose from the old guy.

Tonight, Melchy was asleep on the sofa, and Max just jumped up, bold as brass and snuggled up to him - and for the first time, he was allowed to cuddle!!!! They stayed like this for almost an hour before Melchy pottered off for his dinner. I don't know if it will ever happen again but it made me so happy as this is the first kitty cuddle Max has had since we lost Paddy at the beginning of February (Max and Ben play together, but Ben is not a kitty cuddler!)

Lovely pics, aren't they?
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awww what a couple of sweet pictures

I hope there will be much more to come of their newfound togetherness

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aww some snuggle-puddies
you see, it comes to those who wait
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Awww that's adorable!

I know how you feel, my cat Kitty goes through moods where she hates her little brother. And when I see them cuddle, it makes me happy

However, two years is quite a long time!
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Those are the moments that count!!
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That is just precious
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Oppes, just realised they are beautiful but enormous!!!! Just taking them off for a while for shrinking!!!!

Piccies nice and small now!!
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That's gorgeous, good boy Melchy

I wonder if he realised it's not too bad having a snuggle? I hope he lets Max cuddle next time!
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Awww What little sweethearts!
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Congratulations! That is terrific. Too bad I can't get my human children to do that.
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Awwwwww look at them snuggle So precious
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aw, how precious! good for Max for not giving up
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Aww... a kitty-cuddle! I hope this is the start of a great brotherly bond between both kitties
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