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No easy answers on feeding!

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This is a great article that's definitely worth reading --


Quoting from this article, "Cats, as carnivores, are harder. "The best thing for a cat is to go get a whole mouse or a rat," he says."

On the way home for lunch I also heard on the news about the FDA finding a plastic poisonous chemical in deceased dogs' and cats' urine and kidneys. For those of us who believe that more expensive brand names are better for our pets, just remember that Menu Foods processed pet food for U.S. and Canadian companies and these companies also sold their food under cheaper store brand names.

This article and the following readers' comments shine some light on how pet food companies are about profit, cutting costs, and that includes importing cheaper grain products from China!

Think about the profit motives at Menu Foods and the so called respected name brands that also sought to profit from "cuts and gravy" cans and pouches. Now we're hearing that dry food is also implicated.
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It is true there is no right one size fits all answer ....

I feed my 11 animals totally different ... the fish eat a variety ( live , frozen , flake, pellet and the small granular pellets ... one cats eat s raw ( used to be canned and raw) plus some homemade.. one cat eats dry with anything else shell eat ... the dog eats raw meat with a cooked starch and some veggies with dry food as a treat
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Definitely no easy answers, particularly when you have a finicky eater. As much as I went through trying to find food she would eat .. and now I can't give it to her because one variety has wheat gluten and the other is associated with Menu. She does not need to lose any weight either. And now we have to worry about dry food too
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