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Need vibes for a friend

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My best friend Cathi has been out of work basically since last year when her company she worked for over 9 yrs. downsized and layed her off. She did have a job for about 4 months when that company went belly up..She now has been out of work for the past 10 weeks and has applied everywhere for something..with only a few calls in the past 10 weeks..She is so down and feels like she will never find anything, but today she has 3 interviews lined up and I am hoping that some board vibes might help her obtain one of these jobs. Let's do some "magic" for Cathi and wish her some lucky job vibes...
I have been helping her out with her bills during her time off..unemployment just doesn't pay for it all..
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Sending Good Luck )))vibes((( for cathi
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Vibes for Cathi.

Having gone through a period of unemployment myself, I'm sure things will work out fine for her.
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I hope Cathi gets one of those jobs!
That is nice of you to help with her bills!
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Cathi, stay positive - there are better days ahead. In the meantime keep smiling.
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Good vibes for Cathi to get a job very soon How sweet of you to help her out!
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I surely understand her situation. Sending New Job vibes in bunches!
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sending a lot of good vibes to your friend.

What a good friend you are standing by her and helping anyway you can, there are not a lot people out there that would do that.

Good for you and good luck to your friend. I hope she will find a job soon.
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I am sending tons of (((((vibes))))) and luck for good interviews.
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What a terrific friend you are Monica.........your right....unemployment just doesn't cover all the bills and it's a very scary position to be in.......I'm sending TONS of good vibes for your friend to get a job!!!
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Thanks guys. Well she called after the 1st interview and she thought that it went well, but just like all the other interviews she has had, there are 10-20 people being interviewed for just one position...So we will have to wait and see.....But thanks for the vibes for her..I know this board can do magical things....
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