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Window Veranda??

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Hey all ...

I had been looking on the Doctors Foster and Smith website for a window seat for Roxie. She spends countless hours watching the birds but she is too big for the small window sill and hangs off. It has to be incredibly uncomfortable for her.

Anyway, I came across their "Window Veranda" which is an enclosure that attaches to your window to allow your cat access to the outside without really being outside. Here is the link:


I'm skeptical about it and was wondering if anyone has used a product like this or has any feedback on it. I think it might be a nice treat for her to be able to spend some time "outside" getting fresh air and such.

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I have never seen that before! It does look interesting and I think they would enjoy it, but its not very clear how its set up. Can you leave it in the window all the time? It almost looks like you would have open mesh surrounding the flap at all times, which wouldn't be good for heat/air condition issues.
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I don't think I'd trust it on a cat over 8 lbs! But I would suggest you get one of the window perches that can hook onto the window sill and the cat has an INSIDE extention to the window. You can get them either as a solid carpet wood frame or the hammock type. I've had both - love them - my rexes really liked the hammock ones.

You can open the window screen about 2 inches so they get a breeze.
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I think it is meant to be kept in the window.. I see what you're saying about heat/ AC issues though...

Roxie weighs in at a whopping 12 pounds, don't know if it's any good for her... but I'm just looking for some input... I will def. be getting her a window seat though... I thought this could just be an additional option!

Anyone know anyone that has one? Or has even actually seen one? Or better yet, has it themselves???
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Not only would the weight be an issue but (in my case) I have chipmunks and I know they are infested with fleas...and fleas can jump three feet...so, I would be afraid that my girls would gwet fleas if they sat "outside"! I move my sofa in front of the window my girls like to sit in, it's nice and big and cumphf!
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Thanks everyone for your input... It kinda seems like I should just go with a standard window seat... there's a lot of things that can go wrong with the veranda... I just wish I could get some feedback from someone who used it -- But I guess at the same time the fact that no-one has says something in itself, huh?!!

Thanks again
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