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Okay, now I'm convinced my Boxer is part cat...

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Between the nightly bathing ritual (lick, lick, rub, rub), the leaping onto high things, the thinking she is a 10 lb lap dog (or maybe that is "lap cat") and now this!

Mattie, the laser pointer is supposed to be for the cats!

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lol.. I use the lazer for evan the fish..
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My boxer also thinks she is a cat! She sleeps on the back of the couch and also will chase the laser pointer or any other cat toy. I have even caught her standing on my counter a couple of times. I do not allow her to get on the counter but it did crack me up to see a 65lb. dog standing on a counter.
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LOL! They call it "counter surfing" on my Boxer website!

Mattie hasn't done that yet (she is slowly, but surely getting over a fear of heights that she came to us with ) but we did look up one day at my parents' house to see our Welsh Corgi standing in the middle of their kitchen table, with the tennis ball we had taken away and put in the middle of the table in his mouth, looking at us like "What?"
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Boxers! I adore Boxers. I keep telling myself once I have my own place, that's what I want. She's gorgeous!
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Look at those white paws thumping away! Very cute.
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I know a black Lab who went crazy over the laser pointer... unfortunately, she went a little too crazy. I think she ran into a garbage can or something. Whatever it was, she got cut up pretty bad.
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OHHHHHH THAT'S TOOO cute, now that's what I needed this morning a great big smile, Thank you for sharing!
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Thanks! She's a hoot sometimes! (and btw, she was 1 year old and a rescue when she joined us )

Thanks for the info about being careful where she chases it- I am . We have already had one incident of running off the short end of a retaining wall chasing one of her own cats ("Play Bird, play!") that ended in a trip to the vets (she's fine ), so I worry about that anyways!
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It's amazing how caught up critters can get in chasing a dot of light.
I used to know a tubby little cat who went absolutely insane when the plastic cover of a library book I was reading happened to reflect a point of light onto the ceiling. Until that day I had no idea a cat could jump that high!
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Yes, my booklight drives Smoochie insane sometimes- LOL!
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