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cat family

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Love your precious kitties!
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Originally Posted by Wesley's Mom View Post
Love your precious kitties!
and I must say I love your Wesly what a hansome boy, I just love those tux kitties!!!!
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I love your siggy! Cesar is just gorgeous!!
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there seems to be a spot missing like there should be a 6th kitty!!
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Awwwwwww aren't they a handsome little crew!
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You have a beautiful fur family
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What a nice kitty family you have there.
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That's a really nice family...
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Cesar's handsome!
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gorgeous kitties!! Bentley is SO shiny!
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Originally Posted by ladycat View Post

Bently looks just like my Duke!
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A very beautiful fur-family that you have...Thanks for sharing..
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aww ....what an adorable fur-family you have - they look real sweet
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awe look at all thoes GORGEOUS kitties, what cuties they all are
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