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Neighbour's kitties

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Last night I came home and was bringing up the garbage, and the little orange kitty from across the street decided it was time for her to visit and get cozy . She came running across the street and followed me up the driveway, purring and rubbing my legs and headbutting all the way. Then, I decided to sit down and she came up to me and sat in my lap, purring. She even gave me some love bites and a few licks. I've fallen in love with her. She is a little sweetie pie, and I don't know her name yet, but I call her Peaches. It's really funny how cats sense emotional pain. I'm still thinking about what happened yesterday with the death of my old friend Ruth, but Peaches came in the nick of time. Later I was with Quill and we were watching tv and he decided to give me a little headbutt and licks to make me feel better. When Tucson died, I remember sitting on the back porch just thinking and Mickey, another neighbourhood kitty, came from the yard and just sat there looking at me. Tucson and Mickey weren't friends, they often fought for territory and the like. But this big boy decided to come over and sit with me and he let me stroke him as I had a little cry. Cats heal in wondrous ways, don't they? What about the kitties in your neighbourhood? What are they like?Share your stories
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That is beautiful...cat's are so intuitive

Joey is my indoor/outdoor used to be a stray cat! Well he has 2 enemies on the street one named Spike and one named Tigger, they are such lovers, both of them...and they all think they rule the cul-de-sac...But Joey doesn't show any other people love...just Mommy and Daddy...he doesn't trust people outside at all!
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