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A Plumbing Realization/Support Small Business

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I had to have a plumber come out this morning to check my toilet (which sent Reeses hiding under the covers again). Yesterday it would keep filling up to the top and then draining slowly. I had to plunge about 20 times and finally it worked a bit, but lately it's been clogging more. The plumber said there would be no charge to just look, so I had him come over anyway.

It turns out that we have a cheap generic toilet (there's no name on it) and the holes that let the water through under the rim are clogged a bit or not functioning properly, because you can tell when it flushes that the water isn't coming out right, or the same every time. So it turns out I'll first have to try a product called Iron Out, which has a 50/50 shot of actually working and can take a week, a month...who knows. The other option is replacing the toilet. That is actually funny because I'll be replacing my bathroom floor soon, and I was discussing with a friend just cutting around the toilet, but of course if I ever replaced it, if it was a different shape than the old one, it may not look right. I said to him "When am I ever going to have to replace the toilet?" *lol*

Llast year I called Mr. Rooter and had someone come out because the toilet wouldn't stop running. I FIGURED it was the fill valve, and that's an easy replacement, but the fill valve we had looking was a weird kind that I had never seen before, so I wanted to have someone check and make sure. It cost me $200 to have him put in a $5 part If I had been more confident that the problem was what I thought it was, I could've done it myself. Now I call a small local plumber and he's been alot cheaper. Anyway, the part that gets me is that to have him replace the toilet (including buying a new one) if we go that route, would be about $200!

So let me get this straight...it cost me $200 to have a $5 part replaced in the toilet by one of the larger businesses, and it will cost the same amount to have the whole dang toilet replaced by a smaller local guy?

All the more reason to support smaller independent businesses.
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I agree 100%...

I use to take my car to a shop called pops because he did good work and didnt take me to the cleaners I love it.

I moved to Utah and I had to go to Big 0 and I was floored I miss my small auto shop

I agree with you support the small people... oops business lol
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One of my nephews is a plumber who does lots of side jobs for the family!!
Its good to support small business owners (being one myself). Bigger isn't always better.
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I needed work on my car, in California it would cost $400.00 plus the part. Fortunatly my car was ok to move to Washington, the guy down the street did it for a total of $200.00 !!
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Can't believe you found a plumber who would just look for nothing. That's amazing! I'm lucky. When I have a plumbing problem, I can't fix, I call dad. He's about an 1 1/2 hours away and doesn't cost anything except for a free meal. Love my Dad!
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