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Update on Gracie

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I took Gracie in to the Vet yesterday, she was so miserable with the sneezing and watery eyes And being so close to delivery. He took a look at her and said that she may have got interrupted the other day and stopped labor (remember the blood on the back of her?). However I don't remember her even starting labor. He wants me to bring her in this morning for a C-section since she didn't give birth last night. He said that since she started bleeding she needs to give birth within 48 hours. I'm really apprehensive to do this. He also said that he could fix her at the same time. It's not just that I really can't afford this right now (just had surgery myself a couple of weeks ago), but I'm worried how hard having a C-section, the sneezing and little ones to take care of will affect her. The babies are still moving as of this morning. I'm still new to all of this.

Should I let Nature take it's course? What would you do?

Dolly & Gracie
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Maybe a second opinion - the vet I used to go to was like that (if I told you my experience your jaw would hit the floor)- we recently started going to a new vet and things are very different and I am so much more confortable there. Its more about the animal not the money with this new vet!! Im not saying your vet is all about the money - but he may be jumping the gun
Its up to you and how much you trust this vet - I,myself, would definately get a second opinion!!
Good Luck
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It really wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion. Then if they both recommend the surgery, you would know its necessary.

Good luck and please keep us posted!
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Honestly her having a c-section might be good she will use up a lot less energy, You will know the kittens get out ok, she will be spayed also a very plus there sicne she can get pregnant right after birth and she will go in to heat and drive you nitzo. I personally would do it but it is your choose.
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think I missed this one - was just checking in your other thread.........

anyways...hope things are well, have you made any decisions yet
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Same here I am wondering also.
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I also think that maybe you should call up another vet and see what they think you should do. But I probably would get her a c-section. Or could the vet induce her and have the kittens there. So the birth would be supervised by a vet??
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