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Cutest cat pic !!

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Somebody sent me this by e-mail and I thought it was the cutest cat pic I have seen (for today anyway).

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how precious!
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Boy, do I miss having a baby kitty ! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing the picture.
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yours was great SpikeAdelika, it made me remember these
famous posters?postcards? famous cat images

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AAaaawwwwwwwwwww those are incredible.

Soooo sweet.
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another adorable picture!

thanks MeowMan
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more famous cat photographs!! found at http://www.allposters.com

i could look at those all day

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...and Cat Art!!

i think those are absolutely beautiful,
i think i might order them both!

the artist for both of those pieces is Rosina Wachtmeister.


found one more!

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How do you put pics up? I have a digital camera and i have the cutest kitty. He just has that look ya know? I want to put up his pic so if you can tell me, i would appreciate it.

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the one of the 2 sleeping cats is so gorgeous
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here are some links that were provided by Anne:

I've put it as the last posting tip in the posting tips thread:

You can also check this HTML page about VB code:

you should be able to learn a thing or two there, hope that

by the way; there's a whole other thread just for your own
kitties pictures!

(and happy 300 posts to me! - yay!)
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MeowMan sent that through email to put up! arent they just so sweet?! they are gorgeous!

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i this thread! everybody come in and see all the
beautiful photographs (if you havent done so already!)

and what do you think about the Cat Art by Rosina Wachtmeister, i posted?
i think i may be ordering them all real soon, and having them framed,
i think they're so beautiful, i would to have them
on my walls to brighten up my days, just like my cats do.
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Where did you get that cute little white cat icon/smilie?

He's about precious too!
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you mean this guy?!

----------------> <-----------------

i cant remember where i found him, though i do
believe he was on many a site i visited, free gif's & stuff.

and this guy is so cute too

you can use him too if you like, i emailed Anne about
putting some of the smiles & things i use into the Smile
tab thingy - when she has the time, maybe? we'll see

but i can show you, if you like?
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Those cat pictures are adorable!!!
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These pics are soooooooooo cute..........
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I love the Rosina Wachtmeister stuff you posted! It rather reminds me of the ante bellum late 1940s and 1950s, when "modern art" first found its way into people's homes. Lamps, ashtrays, coffee pots, furniture — all manner of middle-class household items reflected that style (at least in Miami).

Mind, I'm not implying it's "dated." After all, good art — like good design — is everlasting in its appeal. For me, it brings fond memories to mind. I'd love to have Wachtmeister's cat art hanging about!

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Yes, that little white cat guy. I love him!
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