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Snow again

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I woke up to a white world again this morning. Totally unexpected - the forecast made no mention of it. Now I just hope that the plants I got yesterday survive - I put them in water buckets last night and have moved them into shelter this morning, but i can't plant them in this.

View to the front gate

View over the field

The cats are loving it, staring out with twitching tails, but the ponies are not so happy.
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Dang, I can't believe it is still snowing.

I am wearing shorts here already and it is not even 5 a.m. yet
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Oh my!! I would cry if it snows here again..I am so through with it!
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Wow Jenny, I was moaning about it being cold and wet here, at least it is not snowing. I love snow, but not when it is supposed to be spring.
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That's amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the title of the thread. It is very beautiful though.
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Yep mother nature took a trip on you also... We got it too I want the sun back
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I am in hopes that this will be your last snow for the year..It is very pretty though....
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Yeah we go it here in Manitoba yest started with rain and then turned to snow....we didn't get quiet as much but everything is covered again. sniffle sniffle....I WANT SPRING! I want heat, and green grass, and birds singing.
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I am hoping also since Easter is around the corner
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At least the ones at this time of year melt fast!
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I would go insane if we had snow again. It's getting warmer, I've already contacted my lawn care guy about clean up and fertalizer and I'm going to kick the tires on some riding mowers today.
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I can not wait tto get back on the quad oooooooooooooo baby
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bad time to say i love those pic
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