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No matter what it is

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If it is on sale, stop and think for a minute. Now that hunting season is over, a lot of hunting stuff is on sale. I saw these seat cushions for, believe it or not, boats and canoes, that are also flotation devices for emergencies. They are durable, soakproof and have a nylon shell that can be cleaned with a washcloth. And they were on sale for $5 US each.....

Now, they're cat beds, and the tribe loves 'em

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What a great deal! I would never have thought to look in the sporting section - I will now though. Looks like that one has a line waiting to use it
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what a great deal they look so content and happy there and such cuties u have there
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Well, aren't cats hunters? Think about it...
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LOL! Great idea!
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well if Louie uses Meowmy's hiney as a kitty bed, why wouldn't a seat work?
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What a great idea! Your kitties sure seem to enjoy it.

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That is a great idea, except my dogs would think it was for them rip out the stuffing all over the place...I don't know what it is about the stuffing of all things, it just can't seem to stay inside of where it is supposed to be.
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I bet they would like those heat for the seat cushions
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Great idea! And Etcetera blends in so well with the camflage pattern.
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Ohh...camo! They look very comfy!
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