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My Baby Had Babys!!

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Hello there,well my Baby (Hunny the rabbit) has had 6 babys last week! unfortunatly 2 died!,but the other 4 are doing remarkably well!.

they have not opend there eyes yet but im counting down the days untill they do!,they are so gorgeous! there fur looks and feels like silk!.

here are a few pics i took from day one untill 2 days ago!.

Ill add more pictures soon!!!
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oh my ! those are so cute they sort of look like puppy-dogs, I suppose its cos their ears arent showing like you recognise on a bunny

keep those photos coming
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wow they are so cute. well done and keep the pics coming
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Aww look at those black beauties..They will grow fast..
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Awww they are so cute.
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well there starting to open there eyes already,they look so different! so much fluffier!

Of course there is one thats always the biggest!!

there all soo cute wish i could keep em all!!

Anyway here are some new pics taken yesterday,hope you enjoy them maybe later on they will all have eyes open,ill take pics and post them on here!

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they are just so tiny and soo cute, sorry bout the loss of the 2 R.I.P poor babi bunnis play happily over the RB But o my I am so happy that every one is doing so well, and their fur does look like silk awe they are just too cute Please keep us updated on everything
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Aww, they are so cute!
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Oh my goodness! They have to be some of the most adorable babies ever! I don't know if I've ever seen bunnies that "fresh" before! Thanks for sharing these pics!
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OMG they are adorable, I LOVE Bunnies Sorry you lost 2 Your little girl is adorable too
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Oh, they're adorable! How sweet! I'm sorry you lost two of them, though.
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They are adorable!What breed are they?
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They are just beautiful!!!!! Any plans to have momma and babies spayed and neutered when they're ready?
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oh wow they are so so so so cute-oh what little baby rabbit faces-little rabbit ears so adorable
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They are absolutely gorgeous! Are there any more updates or new photos?

I've never bred rabbits but I've had them as pets, most of the ones I had I picked out when they were tiny to bring home when they were old enough, it's lovely to see photos of yours
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