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Laundry night

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I'd really like to strip the bedcovers off and wash them....but what do you do??

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Awwww Diva Etcetera and Trace Tumblebrutus look so happy and comfortable You'd be a big ol' meanie to move them!
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lol just forget it and sleep on top of the cats
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awe look at all of those cuties, isnt it hard to do wash these days, even folding clothes u cant just move em when they are sleeping there soo peacefully and such cuties they are
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well it is their bed after all, who rules the house? hehe
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Change the sheets? What sheets? I guess you sleep in another bed!
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They've evicted you!

That's okay, I know the feeling.
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guess its not really laundry night after all!!
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When mine do this I just go to the kitchen and shake their treat jar and they all come running for their treats, then I dash to the bedroom and close the door to grab the sheets. Works everytime.
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I love that one leg sticking up in the air!
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Do not disturb the sleeping kitties
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awweee they look so sweet and comfortable.

when I walk into my bedroom to make the bed if the cats are sleeping on it ...I just walk out...I love having an excuse not to make the bed or wash the sheets. LOL!
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How cute!

of course you can't disturb a pile of sleeping kittes
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I love the random foot popping up into the center of the pic....Turvy I take it? Trace looks so comfy!!! & So does Miss Diva!!!
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I can't believe you had to ask us what to do....join them of course!
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