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Cat and dog pictures (reduced size)

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Well, I am sooo bored, I have worked my tail off with Hershey today, oh boy, its no picnic working with him, and to think how far we have gotten!! Here are some pics!



(chasing Mika)


Enjoy! I hope these aren't too big!!
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Are these too big? ug, I hope not..
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Nope. Not too big. You have gorgeous animals!
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Great pics, and Hershey you need to be a good boy for your mommy.
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lol, that will be a challenge for him, he scared me to death, getting into a cow pen! That had two baby calves in there! :yikes: And a bull! He was NOT happy that Hershey was in there, gladly Hershey sniffed the anger in him, and got out of there! The hotwire fence was not hot at all, it did not faze Hershey! So it won't faze the cows! Yikes! Hes a handfull though. lol
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Great fur family you have there! I love Hershey's goofy grin, and I love the picture of Mika in the window.
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Great photos! I love ferrets, they are SO much fun, I had 2 of them when I first moved out on my own.
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Awesome pics!! I love your ferret. It's sooo pretty. Thanks for sharing!

-Jill & Moonlight
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Awww...we almost named our choc lab Hershey, but decided on Snickers instead. And, don't you just love it when they get into animal pens? Our pug likes to get into our MIL's goat pen...not a big deal, except for the VERY protective donkey that thinks all the goats are her babies! Clem, the donkey, was coming after Buttercup with ears back when I finally got Buttercup to come to me. Of couse, she had to jump on the manure pile BEFORE she jumped in my arms to be rescued

Glad to hear nothing bad happened in the cow pen.

Such a great family you have!
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How does the ferret get on with your cat? I want a companion for my cat but am a bit wary of how they would get on.
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I think the Oci would torture the ferret. Another Oci or an active cat/dog is best. We have a lab with our cats. The lab and Charlie play together more then Ling and Charlie do.
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