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Your Cat Names

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I have 3 cats and their names are Jingles, Furly and Baba. I'll place pictures later.

What's your cat names?.
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All in the sig below.
Not in the sig is my dog, Bear, my tarantula, Lloth and my macaw, Murphy.
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I have Chloe, Miss Kitty, Lilly, Toby, Taffy, Freddie, and Lucky. My 3 dogs are Amy, Molly, and Yoda.
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Mr. Puff the rotten kitty..

And I have a collie named Kota
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Originally Posted by SalemWitchChild View Post
Mr. Puff the rotten kitty..
hey now, be nice to puff he is cute lol

there is heyu, & eazy.
the fish are fish1 &fish2 & fish3.
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well lets see

we have willie whos the eldest at 11 years old

then theres midnight whos 4

then big bella whos 1 gonna be 2 in august

then stormie 8 months

then blue 9 months

and tessa 1 year

the dogs
cocoa and jasmine
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There's probably a bajillion posts about your cats names but I will post again

Willoughby-5 yrs
Noira-3 yrs
Da-Ku-2.5 yrs
Eliott-8 yrs
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Meggy "the pirate" ..Echo..Leeloo..Florence...Djinn..Aurora
that's the family at the moment
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Alley & Nala
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I have Diesel and Portia
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My babies are:

Clyde Lee
Pearl Noelle

The other four are technically my parents's kitties, but since we're all in one house together, I consider them mine, too:

Dylan Ishmael
Sassy Lane
Abby Helen
St. John Dundee

Every last one of 'em a sweetheart!
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Chynna. She's 15 years old. A pure white with green eyes DSH. Someone abandoned her when they moved out of a building I used to live in. I took her in and planned on taking her to the Humane Society that evening, but when I got home from work she was sleeping on my bed having made herself completely at home, and when I picked her up she purred and gave me kisses on my nose and put a front leg around my neck and that was it...she's been with me ever since.

Abby. She's going to be 9 years old on June 19th. She's an orange and white tabby. She came to live with me when she was 4 months old. I know her birthday because I got her from my friend's daughter's former room mate.
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wow lily is a popular name here

I have Alfie And Lily
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I have Mister, Missy, Betsy Sue, Baker, Scampi Marie, Spalding, Spritzer & Demetrius.
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Well we have No if you cant imagine why she has that name. When we got her she had the worst habit of doing everything possible that she wasnt susposed to do. The first week I had her instead of trying to figure out a name for her I was constantly saying, Kitty, NO NO! lol so hence her name.

Second in line is Double Stuffed Oreo. The kids named him...He is white with black tail and black on his head...looks like a double stuffed Oreo.

Our Yorkie was already named Abbigail when we got her, we call her Fatty Abby...or Abby the Porkie.

Have Zuri our African Pygmy Hedgehog Baby...her name is derived from Africa and it means Beauty.

We have a few stray cats we feed, they are a bit wild...their names are

Not-At-All (Notatall)
C-A-T (Cee'atey)
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Only one cat over here..Miss Trout
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Mine are Radar and Sonic Boom (Sonic for short). I also have a Senegal parrot called Jasper.
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The Adults:

Sudden Impact (Impact)
It's No Illusion (Itsy)
Picassos Penchant (Penny)
Miss Spotty Paws (Spotty)
Cosmic Splendor (Kama-Kazi)
Tinta preta no Ouro (Tinta)
Arctic Cowboy (Rodeo)
Loki Locomotive (Loki)
Full Metal Jacket (Jack)

The Kittens:

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I have 4 cats: Jack, Dexter, Sheeba and Emily, and I have 4 dogs: Louie, Brandy, Maggie, and Winnie..
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Skittles is because it was my favorite candy and she was only 2 weeks when we found her and nursed up...

She had kittens due to my neglect while going through a very hard time in life... ANd all those had candy names too but I kept Runtz and Taffy
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Two here and you see them in my siggy. Aristotle is the handsome white half Turkish Angora and Topaz is the calico.
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It's in my sig, but her name is Reeses aka Kitty Boo
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Well, my cat's name is obvious......Wesley. Only pet we have!
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Tiger (I didn't name him... My boyfriend did since its his cat) and Nollee (Nole-Lee)! I was gonna name my kitten either Lola, Lolita, Nolita, Roxy, Cali, Isis, Bast, Hurley, Lilu, or Nollie! I got the idea for her name off of a Pac Sun name brand I wear "Nollie" (noll-lee) so I decided to change the pronunciation and the spelling and there you go! I think my bf should have named tiger Garfield since thats what he looks like (all big and tubby)!

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Sebastian Alexander and Daphne (still looking for her second name )
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Miagi and Tiger they are in my signature below.

Miagi is around 4 years old and we got him in 2004.. he's a domestic short haired tabby.. this lady found him in her basement and didn't want to keep him.. we think she may have been the owner so my parents went to get him. He's the first cat we've ever had and he's a great kitty and such a character. My mom named him and it has nothing to do with Mr. Miagi on the karate kid. I was going to name him Simba, but my mom said everyone has a cat named Simba and then we were going to name him Bob cat. then she said Mowgli and said Miagi and it stuck. we call him the "M" cat.

Tiger is around 5-6 years old and he is a bengal/tabby mix.
Him and another cat were dumped on a highway to fend for themselves.. and these nice people found them and fostered them.
They told us that Tiger had recovered from a broken tail and he has a kink now that doesn't seem to bother him. We went up there and we got him in February of 2005 but it seemed like we have had him forever. He's my little shadow, of course Miagi is, too but he's more cuddly than Miagi.
It was love at first sight when I saw Miagi and Tiger.. and I looked into his eyes and told my mom he is going to stay with us. Miagi and him are the best of friends and play every night.
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