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Question about the litter

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Okay Tavia is about as perfect as they come when using her litterbox but my question is more about when we move. We will be going from a small trailor to a two story house, well basement and then main level but the basement will be used as living space. And I am debating on wether I should continue with the current situtation of having one litterbox or due to having a two level home having two litterboxes. My dad thinks we should simply have one box in the laundryroom of the basement. And I think we should also have one upstairs but the problem is he does not like for litterboxes to be in common spaces such as the livingroom, kitchen, and hallway. And he wants to be able to keep the bathroom shut due to my dog being so bad about tearing things up. So my question is what should I do?
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work with your dog, about tearing things up?? Hershey did that a lot too. Well, I know I am not much help, but I want to wish you good luck! Everything will turn out.
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We have baby gates in the bathroom and cat room where the litterboxes are to keep our dog out.

We have boxes on both floors of the house.
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I don't think it's absolutely necessary to have one box per floor for a rather young cat, although most experts seem to recommend it. If she were up in her teens, then yes, it would make sense.
She's an indoor-only cat, isn't she? Then that little extra bit of exercise on the stairs won't do her any harm.
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If it were me, I think I'd put one on both floors just to be safe. You can either use a covered litter box or use one of those pet gates that has a little door in it to allow cats through, but is too high for dogs to jump over. I know Petsmart has them.
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She is actually a very young cat. She is only three. And I have been going back and forth with the idea of one litter box versus two. It makes sense that she would get more excersize with one litter box. I guess I am still in limbo with this because I still keep thinking what if. I kind of worry too much.
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I think one kitty litter box is fine for her, as long as she is always allowed to go downstairs when ever she chooses. If however, she starts having little "oops" upstairs, then put one upstairs. Good luck!
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