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Tomato Paste

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Is tomato paste straight up okay for cats, as a treat?

I gave Marishka some new food- made by Fromm foods, the beef entree (here). She absolutely loved the sauce it was in, and then scarfed down the food. It smelled...famaliar, so I took a look at the ingredients again and I realized I was smelling the tomato paste (which didn't smell horrible for cat food!). She seemed to love it, so I wondered if she would eat it on other food I can't get her to eat. But I wanted to get the okay first- it should be okay since it's in the food, but you never know!
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Tomato falls under okay in small amount s..
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My first thought would be that tomato paste may contain onions and/or garlic. Neither are good for cats to eat as they may contribute to anemia. Maybe you could add a little of the sauce on the Fromm food to the food she won't eat.

I'm glad you found a food Marishka does like.
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Thanks to both of you!
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I had a cat that would eat anything covered in tomato sauce! She would jump up and lick our pasta plates clean if we didn't watch her. As long as it is not too much, and is free of dangerous ingredients, it is Ok sometimes. Green tomatoes are poisonous to cats, so are the stalks and hard bits.
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Tomato sauce might contain onions and garlic, but tomato paste is usually pure concentrated tomato, with few other ingredients.
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Some of the "questionable" ingredients in pet food, like garlic and tomatoes and others don't worry me too much...mainly because I don't feed those foods every day. I believe that variety is a good way to avoid an excess of a questionable ingredient or a deficiency of a good ingredient.

Of course the recall complicates our choices...

And of course if you find that "one" special food that is the only one kitty will eat, then that complicates things too. I'm fortunate to have cats with adventurous tastebuds.
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