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Having a Baby

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I have a 9 month old Russian blue named Forest. He is so lovable, he is our baby He sleeps between me and my husband with just his head sticking out of the covers (he thinks he is human) - He follows us around everywhere in the house - even when one of us is in the shower he cries at the door until we open it...Love him - I need help though... I am 4 months pregnant with our first human baby But I am hoping that Forest will be good with the baby -everyone is telling us we shouldn't let him sleep in our room nevermind in our bed with us - because of our upcoming arrival. But I don't want to break his heart...He isn't a vicious cat he is so overly lovable with us...but he walks all over us -literally. And everyone is worrying me that he will try to walk on the baby... Anyway does anyone have any experience in this? I love my Forest and I want the transition to be as smooth as possible..

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You sound like a very sensible person. My advice is to continue to listen to what everyone advises, and then after you have your baby, use your good judgement. You will know what to do depending on how Forest is acting.

Our kitties wanted nothing to do with our baby and gave her wide berth, but every situation is different.

If you are worried about Forest jumping into the crib, you can use a crib tent. Good luck, and congratuations! I'd love to see pics of Forest!
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When Mom brought me home from the hospital, the first thing she did was to sit down and introduce the resident kitten and puppy to me. She let them sniff me and rubbed my hand on their heads. Afterwards, they became my guardians and would sit beneath my bassinet whenever company came. We always wondered what would have happened if someone tried to hurt me!

The most important thing I think you should remember is that Forest is also your child and treat him as if you were introducing a human baby to a human sibling. Talk to him as you do things for the baby and with the baby and make sure he still gets his cuddle and play time as before.

Babies and cats can get along if the parents are willing to work with them. You will probably hear from more TCS members who also grew up with elder cat siblings successfully.

Hope you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby!
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I am not sure how to post pics if I can't attach? I have lots of pics of my little Forest
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Just use good judgment.

My oldest kitty Mistoflees is 15. We got him before I had any kids. In fact, he kept me company over a med deployment.

So when I got pregnant, I was worried about how he'd react. He did sleep in the crib (not when the baby was in there, she was too noisy) He was really gentle with her, and when we had her sister 3 years later. If he got aggrivated with them, he'd take 1 claw and just poke at them.

His favorite thing to do when they were little, was eat the baby cereal after the kids were finished eating. I had just fed my oldest, took her out of the high chair, and I heard this "clink, clink, clink". I look up, and the cat's on the table finishing off the cereal the baby didn't eat

As I said, we still have him today, my kids are 13 and 10. He just sleeps with the youngest child. He can't get up on the oldest's bed anymore, he just can't jump high It is going to kill me and them when he eventually dies

One more thing, he was neutered before the kids were born. And I think that makes all the difference.
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Forest is neutered... He is so lovey - I really hope he is ok with baby.
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As a mother of 2 boys (5 and 9) and having cats since before they were born, I have to say that I don't think you'll have anything to worry about.

My sweet baby Oreo (RB) was VERY attached to me..she literally rode on my shoulders around the house. I had absolutely NO problems with her when I brought both my boys home.
When I brought Justice (9yrs old) home, she come running into the bedroom as usual, and jumped into the bed. She sniffed Justice's head, and walked away. She always slept in the bed w/me even after he was born. Just introduce Forest to the baby like Gemlady said and I think you'll be ok.
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I would suggest taking a towel or blanket to the Hospital when you have your baby and rub it all over the baby.Then, have someone take it home and place in somewhere near Forest---so he can get use to the smell of the baby.
I would however keep him out of the baby's room until you are sure how he will react to the baby and to make sure the baby is not allergic to him.
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I took home one of the blankets my baby slept with and let the cats smell it. My cats did wonderful with my daughter and one of the cats even slept with her in the crib.
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First go with your gut if you feel Forest should be kept out of the room then it is your disission... I am due NOW (hurry up Abby) and I have 3 cats I have allowed them to explore the nursery and I have had to set boundaries like no here and there but they get it now. So when Abby gets here they will know not to jump in the cradle or the crib BUT if they do I will reinforce a stern NO and I will praise the good.. They are like a dog and at some I think smarter. I do also agree take the blanket and allow the cat to sniff the sent so they don't feel threatened. I have 3 other kids all who where fine with my cats and nothing ever happened. I am not worried.

Don't force the baby on the cat let them meet when Forest is ready By all means still treat Forest as the spoiled cat we know.. I have 3 spoiled cats and I know I have to make time for them also. It is like kids jealousy happens.
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I never kept the cat's out of my bed when I had my children, but we did place a temporary screen door on the nursery room door just for peace of mind to keep the cat's out of the crib to begin with..We never had any problems with anything..You need to do what fits you best..
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WOW Thanks everyone for your advise!
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Oh, and don't forget to make cuddle time for hubby, too!
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Here is a pic of my little Forest... Isn't he adorable?

Yeah he will be cuddled too
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Well, I wouldn't have the baby AND the cat in your bed...

Are you planning on having a crib for the baby? Forrest will get used to something different happening when you start setting up the baby room. You can also get some Feliway plugins for when the baby is born to help keep Forrest calm when the baby comes home.

I daresay he'll be curious as to what this new thing is, but he'll adapt fine. Cats ARE very adaptable

I'm 3 months along and I'm not at at all worried about the kitties - they'll just be pleased to have people home all day
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Forest is aDORable.

I agree with everyone. When it's my time to get pregnant - I will just use my best judgement and go slowly.

stoli will hate the baby but he'll get used to it. . .i know
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Originally Posted by Forest View Post
Here is a pic of my little Forest... Isn't he adorable?

Yeah he will be cuddled too
Your Forest is beautiful! What a sweet face.
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I can't offer any advice to you .

But, I must say that forest is beautfiul and his eyes would make me want to pick him up and kiss him all the time.

I always say that I dont want children until my cats hate me! hehe
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Forest says Thank You!!
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He reminds me of the cat niece had when expecting her daughter. He was her lap cat and got a little miffed when his lap started getting smaller and smaller!
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