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I have gotten an idea! Kitten care page!

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Well, when Mika's kittens go to their new homes, I am thinking about making a kitten care page! What do you guys think? And they go home with the new owners. I don't have it completely planned out yet, but, its a thought. What do you guys think about this?
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I think it's an excellent idea! Especially helpful for people who have never had a young kitten.

What are your basic points so far?
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aww, yeah, that sounds cute.
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That is a good idea!Make sure you put on there what kind of food you feed them (or will be feeding them) because when I got my PHX they forgot to tell me the brand they fed him- and i forgot to ask. So I had to switch him cold turkey pretty much. Also, the kitty litter, I didn't know what type of kitty litter to use either- so write that on there! I would also write when they need shots, etc because some people just have no clue. Some people only bring their cat to the vet when their sick, and actually kittens need to have shots... hmmm. I'll think on this some more and get back to ya Great idea!
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Actually I had that with my rex kittens - the basic background/history of the breed, tips for food, grooming, introducing, etc. Was a 4 page (double sided) folded sheet. - one folded pamphlet.

I think its a great idea.
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great idea you got me thinking now about doing one for bubbles babies when they go
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I don't know how I am going to do it, I will think of someway. Not sure yet.
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A sound idea in general being a breeder is only comes natural, wanting to see your babies getting the best possible start in life
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I think it is an excellent idea. I did the same thing with the first litter of kittens I raised. A stray pregnant cat showed up at my house and had kittens a couple days later. I kept weekly pictures of the kittens starting with their birth, kept a progress chart (when they opened their eyes, when they walked for the first time, etc.), and started a medical file with their wormings, first shots, weekly weights, etc. And then I made them a "booklet" with kitten care tips, websites, books to read, and any other useful info. The new kitten parents were very grateful! I did it again with a litter of puppies that I raised.
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~I already have adoption contracts for no No's babies. Ive done rescue work for several years so I have puppy/kitten packs for new owners. In each pack there is collars, brush, bag of food Im feeding, toys, treats, ALOT of info about their pet, all vet records etc, pamplets and free samples of pet products, a contact page with all of my information, vets info, card etc on it and more. Its a LARGE packet of items/information but you cant over inform a new family about the responsibilites of being a new pet owner.

I also include a voucher for spay/neuter and require any pet adopted to be spayed/neutered by 4 months of age by MY vet or require proof from the owners vet. This is stated VERY clearly in the contract and can be grounds for taking back the pet if not followed. My vet gives me great discounts on spay/neuter vouchers and there is no reason people cannot afford 20-30 dollars to use them. If you cannot afford that you dont need a cat/dog because they cost more than $30.00 to take care of.

I think the packets are great because the new family receives alot of information to look over in the comfort of their home along with alot of goodies for their new baby.
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This is a very excellent idea also add information to it on being a good cat owner and how important it is to spay and neuter to prevent more kittens You have a great idea keep rolling with it
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I think that its a good idea also. We had something like this when we got my oldest dog.
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It would be really cool if this happened. I don't know anything about kittens, and even after doing research online I'm still confused about a lot of things. A page that has all the information on it would be nice
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We have a thread in this section on kittens and the birth I will locate it when I get back from doctors
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