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We bought a computer 4-6 weeks ago, paid for it, & have yet to receive it. It's from a small company in my town. We've bought from him a lot in the past(the computer I'm on was purchased from him). Anyways, I called to see if the computer had been shipped to the company dad worked for(to get programs loaded on it) about 2 weeks ago & he said he shipped it. Dad called co. he works for Mon & they said they hadn't gotten the computer yet. Dad called the place he order the computer from & they said they'd ship the computer on Monday. Company dad works for just called. Still haven't gotten the computer. So they called the place we ordered the computer from directly. Asked for shipping number so they can figure out when the computer will arrive so they can fit it into their schedule. Guy said he didn't have the tracking number on hand, he'd e-mail it to them. That was at 10 am & it's now 3pm.

We've already paid for this computer...like $800. We've never had a problem with the place in town before...we've gotten like 4+ computers from him. But now we're being given the run-around! Do we file a police report or what?
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That stinks!! I would be upset. But before you file a police report, make sure to tell the business that you think you're being scammed and that you plan on telling the authorities. That might put a fire under their a$$ and they might suddenly come up with another computer. I'm not sure who you contact, though... either the police or the BBB (maybe both).
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My first instinct would be to visit the store personally to find out the status of delivery. If they can't find the tracking number and can't justify why it's taking so long, I'd certainly ask for my money back. But, it's clear this person has been lying to you (they told you they shipped the computer but then they told your dad 2 weeks later that they would ship it that day). So, do you really trust this store? I certainly wouldn't. There are plenty of reputable stores from which to purchase a computer that will actually be delivered.
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