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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
I can't be the only one here - do you sometimes want to pick up your kitties and hug them SO TIGHT but you know they wouldn't really like it that much so you restrain yourself.

I've always told my kitties (and they never listen to me!) that "if I hugged you as tight as I loved you, I'd kill you"

When I was younger (like elementary school aged), I did squeeze my kitty so hard she yelped. I got screamed at for that one, but I didn't mean to hurt her.
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I like kissing them all right on the nose or on top of the head.
I especially love giving Vash kisses because he hates it

He makes a face and whines like I'm a two headed monster about to dine on his head.
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I love giving kisses on the back of their head, right between the ears. Pekoe loves it- he loves any kind of attention. Nigel is always startled by any kind of movement towards him, so I resist the temptation. I hope he'll settle down enough so I can give him lots of kisses soon.

I love it most though when they come to lay on me and roll blissfully all over my lap, purring like a little engine as I pet them. Or when they curl up right next to my face. Or when they lay on top of each other in my lap and we make a human/kitten sandwich. Basically I just love being able to touch them and love them and give big hugs to my little boys. As my Grandmother says, cats demand a lot of affection, but they give you back even more than they expect.
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When Radar isn't 'in the mood' I will bend down to kiss his head and he will duck right out of the way and squirm If I am in need of comfort though, I will say to him 'Radar I love you and I really need a kiss right now, will you let me kiss you?' and he will hold his head up for a kiss.

They know when you're doing it because you need the comfort from them. They understand
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Yes, all my kitties get multiple hugs and kisses every day. Most of my kisses are on the cheek or top of the head, but anywhere will do. Punky gets belly kisses. They all, once in awhile, will come give me kitty kisses, too.
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I kiss mine all the time. On the nose, mouth, top of the head, toes, etc. pretty much everywhere.
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Do I kiss my kitty? Hmmmmm, all the time! All over her body! Let me tell you Maia is so tolerant of my over expression of love and kisses I torture her with, she will freeze till she feels I am done and then take off! She is to darn cute! I have to smother her with love!
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Most often I kiss them on the head between the ears......but also on the side of their face right below their eye (& sometimes even their mouth ).

When I catch them sleeping on their backs, their little furry bellies just beg for kisses. I also love kissing the bottom of their paws--I just LOVE those little paw pads (especially Nala's little "snowshoe feet"----she's got so much hair on her paws & between her toes, you have to actually look for her paw pads.

Kitty noses are also good spots to kiss, though not too many of mine are big fans of that .
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Should be a sin not to kiss them
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OK - back to subject. Yes, I kiss Bijou all the time - his back, his head, his legs, his cheek, his tummy, his cheeks, his head, his nose - you got the idea.
I second that with my babies
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I kiss my kitties on the tops of their heads. Well except for phantom she does not get kissed if i want to keep my lips.
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Originally Posted by Fred&Nermal View Post
Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
I dont think most guys kiss cats, but my ex/kitties daddy kisses them all the time.
Good for him! How can they resist, is my question!
My BF kisses them, not as much as I do, when I mentioned it to him, his question was who doesn't?

Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Then I caught him licking Radar, his excuse was that he thought mutual grooming was the best way to strengthen the human-cat relationship
We have done that with the kitties
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I kiss the kits all over their head, neck, sholders, bellies. With Worm and Jake, you can't not kiss them. If you even try, they headbutt you real hard until you kiss them. Mike kisses China when he thinks I'm not looking. She's Daddys Little Girl.
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I kiss my cat all the time!
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I kiss my sweetheart all the time! I give him a big hug and kiss his cheek many times a day, he just closes his eyes and purrs away. I just love to carry him around and give him smoochies too! I kiss him on the lips too, he never complains.
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