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Absolutely! They're my babies / I do not however kiss our shelter kitties because geradira (sp?) and other contagious issues can be spread that way...so instead i give them a good head scratch and kitty treats then wash my hands
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I kiss my girls on the head between the ears all the time! They didn't particularly like it at first, but they've gotten used to it!
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I kiss them on the top of the head or belly. I also like to give chuckie and cleo raspberries on their belly :P but if i try it on jasmine i soon find a set of claws wrapped around my head! lol
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I kiss my kitties all day long and my dogs, too!
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Of course!

I'll kiss my babies anywhere (except for the bottom of course!)

Portia will ask for and give kisses, so I usually kiss her right on her wet nose. Diesel normally gets kisses on the top of his head - He's not quite as into the kissing as Meowmy is!
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Originally Posted by Fred&Nermal View Post
I kiss my cats all the time. I couldn't imagine not!

However, my BF doesn't kiss them. He definetly loves them and gives them tons of affection by petting them and playing with them and letting them lay all over him. I just asked him if he ever kisses them. He said he doesn't. I asked why and he said it could be a male thing. Now I'm trying to remember if my dad kissed our cat.

What do you guys think. Do your male family members kiss your cats?
I dont think most guys kiss cats, but my ex/kitties daddy kisses them all the time.
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Yes yes yes!! I love kissing my babies. I think Chloe and Toby get the most kisses..they sit still the longest~~ And they have the cutest pink noses.
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my mom's boyfriend kisses Medley all the time. He picks her up, cradles her and kisses her on top of her head. I kiss her on the top of her head all the time, I can't imagine how you could resist. Xena is definitely not as much into kisses, but she loves belly rubs and scritches.
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Even Magnum gets kisses, all of mine do.

Bumper and Scully can be kissed anywhere, and if you say smoochie or make kissing noises at Scully he will come over and kiss you on the lips.

Magnum and Boomer I kiss but they don't seem to enjoy it (or at least not mind it) like the others.

Their noses are too cute not to kiss and they all get a kiss on the head or face before I leave each day
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I love this thread!

I kiss all 3 of mine just about anywhere they'll let me. Chloe is the only one who won't let me kiss her on the face, but she's come a long ways and at least now she'll let me kiss her head and back and paws. Kitty bellies are just about my favorite things to kiss. And, yes, I too kiss their little mouths.
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
I dont think most guys kiss cats, but my ex/kitties daddy kisses them all the time.
Good for him! How can they resist, is my question!
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Ben is not a big one for cuddles or kisses - he has to be really in the mood for affection - Melchett headbutts me so I can kiss the top of hs head. Max loves proper cuddles - snuggled up against my chest with one front leg either side of my neck, so I can kiss him little soft nose! Paddy, bless him, used to be a proper cuddly baby and would kiss my cheeks - he always got big kisses right back on his little pink nose!!
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I kiss them on top of their heads
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Aristotle gets most of his kisses on top of his head and he likes to kiss my cheek. But not too long ago I got this pic...
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Yes they both get lots of kisses from me, usually on the top of the head to avoid their dribbly little mouths!

I once made the mistake of telling Nate that the best way to bond with an animal was to learn its behaviour and body language and try to speak to it using those same signals. Then I caught him licking Radar, his excuse was that he thought mutual grooming was the best way to strengthen the human-cat relationship

When Radar was misbehaving with my feet last night I picked him up and blew raspberries all over his neck and sides. He seemed to enjoy it.
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I kiss Skittles on the forhead, Runtz on the nose and ears gentle only... Taffy on his belly paws ears... Lips he loves giving kisses will on command and right between the ears he is a lover.
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Quill likes being kissed on his nose paws, and shoulders, but if I try to get him on the lips he'll attack, and he tolerates a forehead kiss. His favourite kissing place is between his eyes, he literally melts, and he likes a smooch on his tail of all places My RB baby Tucson had a system worked out. Whenever he wanted a kiss I would say "kissies" and kiss him three times on his head, then he would head butt three times back.
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Oh and Sonic gives me loads of kisses whether I want them or not! Always thrusting his little whiskery purring nose into my face. I stooped down to kiss his nose the other night and he opened his mouth up wide and went 'BRRRRWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' at top volume right in my face. Need earplugs with that little one!
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My hubby cuddles and kisses Bijou and Mika.
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My DB kisses my cats actually all over like a baby would he even gave taffy a strawberry it was so cute..Taffy had his tongue hanging out and on his back and it was like he giggled. I think it was a one time thing lol. He clawed DB head LOL no markes but it was funny
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Of course I'm a kitty kisser!
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Everyone here should be lol
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Bella and I kissed all the time, but everynight before bed I would say "Kiss" and she would put her face up and I would kiss that Sweet nose The sweetest little kisses ever!!
that'sexactly what Java does!
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I honestly kiss my kitten at least 30 times a day! I cant help it she is too cute! i kiss my boy cat alot but he just looks at me like "Mom do you have too?" The kitten loves getting kisses and rubbing her face on my nose! I kiss Nollee on her checks alot and on her lips, chest, and paws! Aww wish I could give her a kiss right now!
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I used to think my husband was weird for kissing his kitty on the head, but now that we have our own, I am guilty as well. I just can't resist their fuzzy little heads!!

I think Bella is very annoyed by it, but Stanley pulls his head up and rubs on your chin...he's such a lover I would nibble on his paws too if I didn't know where they've been.
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Of course I do most every day. She loves to kiss back altho it is really just smelling me, cats don't lick like dogs do, at least mine don't, not as a kiss anyway. I kiss her on her cheeks, she just purrs and purrs and I love hearing that.
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I kiss both of my babys all the time. On their little faces n bellys. When I kiss miles on the head he licks me on my face or mouth I love my boys.
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I think I probably kiss Villy more than I kiss my fiance!
Yes, love to kiss her right on top of her head, right between her ears.
Do you think they know what a kiss is? Or maybe they think it's the human version of a headbutt?
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Wilbur and Milo get so many kisses, all the neighborhood cats laugh at them for being momma's boys!

I'll kiss them on their heads, their noses, their mouths (not too often), and sometimes I'll kiss the back of their heads and make a pfffffffft noise like kids do on their arms! They just loooooove that!
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I can't be the only one here - do you sometimes want to pick up your kitties and hug them SO TIGHT but you know they wouldn't really like it that much so you restrain yourself.

I content myself with letting Radar come to me and roll around in my arms once a day, the rest of the time he's not cuddly, and to put my arm around Sonic when he's drifting off to sleep
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