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Do You Kiss Your Kitties?

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Do you kiss your kitties? Where's your favorite spot?

I kiss my kitties on their sweet little noses, on the mouth (yeah, I know...) and I love to put kisses in that sparsely furred area between their eyes and ears. I love to kiss Cleo's little 'Good and Plenty' toes...they're black and pink, like Good and Plenty candies!

Pookie & the girls
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I kiss Twitch right on her snoot. She hates it! I kiss the others on the tops of their heads. I don't kiss Ophelia anymore since she scratched the inside of my lips open.
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On the top of the head or the cheek. I wonder, do they know it's a sign of affection when you do that, or are they indifferent?
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i think this should be who dont kiss there kittys , i think everyone does dont they? i love when they snuggle up and you burry your head in there fur and kiss them , mine are not to keen to be kissed on the nose unless they do it to you lol. but i dont think a day goes by when i dont kiss at least 1 of them.
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Sadie's belly is so kissable
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well Miss Moofs & Dino get kisses on their pink noses of course

Pepsi & Teddy usually on the top of their heads
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I don't kiss Ophelia anymore since she scratched the inside of my lips open.
I'm sorry, but this struck me so funny. I'm sitting here trying to pretend I'm coughing instead of laughing - it's not working .

OK - back to subject. Yes, I kiss Bijou all the time - his back, his head, his legs, his cheek, his tummy, his cheeks, his head, his nose - you got the idea.
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I tend to kiss Spike and Oz on their foreheads as I'm heading out the door. Oz is more receptive than Spike -- he'll kind of lean into the kiss -- but Spike doesn't exactly run away (really, you can do anything you like to Spike and he'll be happy ... I wear this cat as a living, breathing stole around my neck!).

What's really, really sweet is when J kisses them. He does it when he thinks I'm not looking, and just kind of surreptitiously drop a little kiss on top of their heads. It makes me get all teary-eyed just thinking of how sentimental he can be with our boys.
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I kiss my gals everyday...several times Usually on their foreheads or the top of their heads. I also like to kiss Elora's paws from time to time. Mia...I'll kiss her anywhere she lets me !!!

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I dont know many that DONT kiss their kitties!

I LOVE to just smoosh Saki to death.. I grab his face with both hands and kiss him right on the nose and on the mouth, I dont care about 'kitty germs'. I kiss him all over!

Zoey doesnt like to be kissed and whines about it but I kiss her anyway

I even kiss PATCHES my feral cat because she takes such good care of herself, she is always so clean and she rubs her head on my face all the time so I take that opportunity to give her a big smooch!
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I kiss them all daily, but Bailey seems to get more than most..........just something about my baby...........
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I kissing my kitties! I love to kiss Godiva on her lips/muzzle area... I call them "my Mivers lips." I kiss Tobie on his muzzle a lot (because it's so big), and Sofia on her paws, and Sneakers on the top of her head, and Ziggy on the bottom of his paws. Bandit doesn't like being kissed.

I love kissing kitties... did I say that already?
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Usually top of head or cheek. I haven't kissed him on the cheek in a while because last time I did he bit me on the lip and drew blood.
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When I get anywhere near Michoud's face he licks my nose. He loves kisses. I kiss the others all the time too. I read somewhere that they like it when you get that close into their space. It shows that they trust you as well as affection.
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Ginger gets kisses all over her little face - sometimes I'll come up behind her when she is looking out the window and put my fingers under her chin to hold up her face so I can kiss her on the top of her head - she holds really still for me to kiss, her, LOL!

And if she is taking a snooze, I'll sneak in and give her kisses all up and down her jawline, which wakes her up a bit, but she seems to know that I'm just giving her lovies in my own Meowmy way, so she snuggles into it.

Ferris has just started to allow me to kiss the top of his head without him flinching away from me - I consider that HUGE progress.

Last night I kissed him on his hip as I scritched him, and then as I'm laying there next to him with my cheek on his butt and his paws (and claws) within blinding range of my eyes, I started to get a little nervous and gave him a little more space. He didn't threaten me, but it occured to me that if he got spooked at that point, I could get seriously damaged.

I HAVE to remember that he is semi-feral, but I try to project LOTS of love so that there should really never be a reason for him to lash out at me. I want both of us to feel safe with each other, but I know I need to stay mindful of his wild and easily-panicked nature.

But I just LOVE that he wants love so badly - I have LOTS to give him!
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Sydney isn't too crazy about kisses...she doesn't mind the odd kiss on the head.

Reilly loves kisses even on the mouth
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Do you kiss your kitties? Where's your favorite spot?
my favorite spots are on their faces! but Java really likes it - she'll lift her face to me so i can kiss the tip of her pink nose
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Mine get them all the time and mainly on their head and faces. I know where their tongues have been but i'm still here to tell the tale
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Oh I LOVE to kiss my babies...When I kiss Sev I usually end up kissing that crooked tooth too Joey insists on kisses whether I want to or not I kiss Sophia much to her dismay. Lucia is too wild to kiss

Bella and I kissed all the time, but everynight before bed I would say "Kiss" and she would put her face up and I would kiss that Sweet nose The sweetest little kisses ever!!
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most of mine I kiss on their heads/foreheads , Cesar though I kiss him on the side of his mouth when I hold him. He's the only one that I actually like me to hold him!
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On the top of their heads, but I always kiss Scratch's cheeks because they're sooo chubby and fluffy.
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I kiss Karma all over her face and toes and head and belly and well almost everywhere. The best is when I kiss her on the tip of her nose or on her lips(kitty germs dont scare me) she will actually open and close her mouth ever so slightly. Its like she is trying to give me back human kisses. She loves it. I still get licks from her but she really loves trying to kiss like meowmie and daddy.
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I kiss my kitties on the top of their heads all of the time, and Jack and Dexter will return the kiss by licking me on my face. My female cat's don't yet return the kiss, but Emily just licked my finger for the first time today, so she is starting to get it...
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I give mine kisses on their noses/mouths but usually they come to me and give me kisses. Tara my Bombay is especially affectionate, I babysit for a 2 and 3 year old sometimes and last Friday Tara walked right into the 3 year olds lap and kissed him on the mouth (he was so excited "Tara gave me a kiss!!"). I'm big fan of "snuggles" myself, I like to pick my cat up and put my face next them, hug them and give them "Snuggles, Snuggles, Snuggles". I'm not sure if they like this put they tolerate it for a full minute so I'm satisfied.
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I kiss all of my cats. Pretty much anywhere I can reach them, with the exception of the bottoms and the private areas. (UGH!) But tummies, paws, heads, mouths, noses, tails, legs, are all open territory to the kissing monster. They all hate it except Rocket who headbutts me back.
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I kiss my cats all the time. I couldn't imagine not!

However, my BF doesn't kiss them. He definetly loves them and gives them tons of affection by petting them and playing with them and letting them lay all over him. I just asked him if he ever kisses them. He said he doesn't. I asked why and he said it could be a male thing. Now I'm trying to remember if my dad kissed our cat.

What do you guys think. Do your male family members kiss your cats?
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I have to confess that, up until about ten years ago, I was fairly phobic about germs... and I'm still cautious, because that only makes sense, with all the emerging pathogens these days, and the dwindling effectiveness of antibiotics...

But by golly, I do kiss my kittycats!
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I kiss Trout on the top of her head all the time.
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Tops of their head. Sides of their face. The furry top of their nose. Their back or tummy. Side of their head by their ears.

I stay away from paws and butts though, LOL
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I kiss all of our cats on the tops of their cute little heads...I don't know why, but I'm glad I'm not the only one!
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