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HI JOE....OVER HERE!!! :)  

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HI Joe

We were kinda getting off the topic over there so, I just figured I'd start one over here!

I just wanted to say thanks for the info and I'm going to the library today to see if I can check that out...it sounds so interesting. I'll just post on this thread the the outcome of my new discovery!

About your mail...I've been very neglectful of my mail!! This rarely happens and I do apologize and I'm very embarrassed. I will be sending it out today...not soon enough!!

Thanks for being such a courteous, thoughtful, interesting, incredibly talented, genuine, untypical human being,(I can go on....) that I'm so delighted to call my friend!! I hope that at least makes up for my delay....no,I really do mean that! LOL

Talk to ya soon, Joe (a.k.a. Mr. Cat) Hugs to you plus =^..^= Michaela and Tonya

God Bless Always!!
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Aha, I finally found you! It's Saturday morning here, only two days since you started this thread. I've got to come onto this forum's main page more often! Thanks, though, for easing my mind regarding whether or not my temporary web-based electronic-mail program works properly. I've been getting the humorous messages you've been sending; and I thank you for those, especially the one regarding insane things to do at the workplace!

I'm happy to hear you're going to check into Pandora's Box. I think you'll be impressed with that film and with Louise Brooks as well.

I look forward to hearing from you on these or any matters. Just make an appointment with my secretary and I'll clear my schedule! (Right!)


Joe (plus =^..^=s Michaela and Tonya)
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Dear Joe,

The library didn't have that in stock at this time; but will order it for me! I'm thrilled so, I'll call your secretary to book a pleasant lunch at the Waldorf ASAP to discuss Pandoras Box (gee, that sounded weird)....lol

See you there! lol


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