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New Present For The Babies

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I've just ordered this for them, do you think they will like it?

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Wow, that looks like such fun. Can Sadie come over and play?
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Oh that is great, they will LOVE IT
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Oh that's cute! I know my girls would pick the same little 'house' to try to get into and start wrestling over that!
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Hehe i'm sure they would have lots of fun together with sadie
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That is awesome!!! I hope they love it....
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Very cool! My girls would love it, especially if it was set up by windows. Not sure if they'd use the hammock or not, but the little cubbies would be a big hit!
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lol, i wasnt sure on the hammock, i'll just have to wait and see what they do with that i'm excited to get it now
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What a great jungle jim! Of course, you do realize that they are both going to want the same house at the same time! Where did you buy it?
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Alanna, that is just so cute! My kitties would be thrilled!
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I love it! The design on it is really cute! Mine is just plain.
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I bet they will love it!
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My babies have exactly the same one, just in a different colour!

And they love it
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I think they will end up fiting over their favourite spots for sure!

I got it from a guy on ebay who sell lots of pet accessories, it cost £39.99, brand new, the picture i posted was just on of his example pictures
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