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Abby is Sick

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Took Abby our tortie in to be fixed, the Vet just called and said her platelets are way under normal, she thinks she has FeLV, doesn't look good. Got her from Yuma Humane Society back in January, her test show neg back then, don't know what to think. Vet is well known and consider one of the best so we trust her.
What do you think about this new problem? Lilly the other kitten seems fine, she came from Humane Society in Tucson same month.

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Has Abby been re-tested for FeLV? That would be my first step. Test for FeLV & FIV while you're at it(it cost me $5 to add FIV test to FeLV test).

I hope Abby is FeLV- & gets better soon!
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I hope the vet is wrong. Maybe the platelets got clumped or something when they drew her blood. Were there any other symptoms? Got my for you and Abby.
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I hope Abby is okay.
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I'll move Abby over to the health forum, but i hope she's ok
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I agree with Natalie...definitely re-test for FeLV if they haven't already. I can't remember the right name for that FIV/FeLV's always on my receipt as "snap combo test". Should be fairly inexpensive. I would do it for peace of mind.

I hope the vet is wrong. I hope Abby is OK.
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Tests are being sent to a different lab as I write, since she came from AZ there is a fungal desease that is found only in AZ and N.M. area and they are testing her for that, but her platelet count is so low 7000. So we have to wait and see.

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I've got my fingers crossed too, and lots of good vibes coming your way!

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Thanks u all a bunch.

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Thinking of your darlin Abby and hoping she's okay after all.
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We brought Abby home for now until the test are back, its funny to us she seem's very well, she is very active, lilly and abby are blasting through here like they are running the Indy 500 or something. This 37' rv is rockin with running cats, if she is really sick you'd think she would be lazy and sleepy wouldn't you?

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Not necessarily. There is one member here who has FeLV+ kitties...katiemae1277...her cats act "normal" for the most part. (depending on what they've been doing when you ask her )
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