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colours trying to understand!!

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as some of you know from the pregnant fourm my fluffy is pregnant long story its posted under omg.
anyway i was just wondering what colours can i expect. it dosnt bother me in the slightest what colours she has as long as everything goes ok and she dosnt have to many. but all this colour talk has put my brain on overdrive .
i can give you details about what i know or her back ground.
her mother was a soild black short hair , her grandmother was a soild black short hair.
her siblings all 5 were black and white. 3 was short hair and 2 were long hair , the 2 black and white long hairs were both female , the 3 black and white short hair was all males. we took 1 male and 1 female.
i dont know what her dad was but im guesing black and white long haired?

there are a few brown tabbys who are uneutered around here so im guessing that she might have mated with a brown tabby , she has never gone out side for very long only stays out like 10 mins everytime and dosnt go far from the garden. there is a black cat who hangs about but im sure his neutered.
any ideas on her kittens colour and weather short hair long hair both. im trying to get homes lined up now before she has them , and would like to give something that might let them know what colours to expect . i dont want to be running around trying to fine great homes at the last miniute.
thanx in advance
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I'm assuming that she is black or black/white herself? If so, and the likelyhood of the father of the kittens being brown tabby, then you will most likely have black, black/white (if one or both parents have white on them), brown tabby or tabby with white.

If any of the cats are carrying the dilute gene you might get a blue or blue tabby in the mix. If you get any torties out of it, then they would have a red tabby father (so some of the kittens could have a different father).
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yea i thought that would be the case , but wanted to make sure i sort of understand it lol . yes sorry the 5 siblings was including herself i worded that wrong . she is black and white and very fluffy.
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ok - if the father of the kittens is not longhair or is not carrying LH, then all the kittens will be shorthair, since short is dominate over long
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i never knew that , see learn something new daily on here. will be intresting to see what the colours will be , all the mum cats iv had there kittens have always been brown tabbys or blacks. so a new colour is kind of exciting if you know what i mean. even though she is a DLH and never intended breeding from her hence getting her spayed or so i thought. but the excitment is starting to grow now that the anger is going.
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