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What are your cats

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Doing right now? Tavia is in a spot on the floor sleeping. She looks so sweet and content. She has been doing that most of the day too.
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Petunia is sleeping on one side of my bed and Pepper is on the other. Ver strange because they HATE sleeping near each other. Actually, Petunia hates to sleep near Pepper.
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Bobs and Grizzly are curled up with each other on my side of the bed, Bakker is sleeping on the chair and Ox is sleeping on the sofa in the living room.
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We're at work and the kitties are at home, but I can probably guess... Stumpy will be curled up in the bottom level of the scratching post in the window, Lily will be sprawled out on the back of the couch in a patch of sun, and Smudge will either be eating, trying to annoy Lily, or sleeping on the couch.
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I'm at work now, and the kitties are home, but I'm guessing that Tailer is sleeping in his favorite chair in the living room, Harvey is sleeping on the bed in the guest room, and Forest is sleeping wherever the patch of sunlight is shining in a window.
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Molly is sleeping under the bed while Ben is sleeping on DH's side of the bed.
Lucky is looking for attention but I am too busy for him right now
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the ones that i can see are forest asleep on the cat tree , patch crying at me to go outside but its to late for them now.
and tigerlilly wondering around trying to get her sister forest to play with her lol. the others are down stairs and anne her 2 kittens and chloe are in the bedroom asleep.
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Lola is snoozing on a lap quilt on the sofa. Cleo and Maggie are out on the sunporch taking in the cold spring air. It's only about 55 degrees out there, so I'm sure they are shivering!
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Well, turns out Buffy was frolicking outside half the day without anyone having realized it, so after we opened the door after hearing her hollering, she's now stalking all over the place and demanding food. I'm not sure if I should "punish" her and make her wait a little longer, or just give her her food now... Of course, the longer I wait, the more annoying she's going to get. In the past 60 seconds, she's gone from lying with mom and my sister on the couch, to screaming at Jake, to walking into the kitchen grumbling her distain for Jake (who by then is lying under the computer desk with me). Then she jumps onto the counter to see if food is there yet, then sniffs and hops down, and then disappears. Right now she's probably poking through the nooks and crannies in my room to see if there's any food or fun to be had.

I don't know where Molly is, but I know she's SOMEWHERE, and will pop up from out of thin air the second I open the fridge.

Willow is most likely sleeping, either on the bookshelf in my room, or somewhere downstairs.
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Trout is sitting on my sub speaker looking at me
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Gracie is sleeping on our bed, Lizzie is eating, Annabelle is sitting on my vanity looking at herself in the mirror and Elliott is sitting in the window watching the world go by!
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Nermal was just drinking at his drinking fountain. Now he is trying to climb all over me and the computer.
Fred is temporarily missing in action, which either means he's down in the litter box or doing something else in the basement.
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hmmm....lets see Bella is downstairs last i seen cleaning herslef as usual! Willie is sleping so cute on his cat tree, and blue and Stormie are chasing and wrestling each other. And Tessa just entered my room to drink all my water and well midnights outside being his little bratty self! I think I covered everyone
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I wish I knew what PHX was doing right now. But I'm at work, and haven't seen him since this morning. Hmmm... maybe I don't wanna know what he is doing right now!
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Princess is... well I dont know where she is and what she is doing Prince hmm he is missing in action too (they must be doing something they arent supposed too ) oh I found Princess she is on top of the tv and King is playing in his water dish
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They are scattered about and all are asleep.
This will rapidly change in about 20 minutes when I go to start dinner
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Lexi is zonked out in her bed...
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Radar is bugging my feet and sticking his paws up my trouserlegs and batting/scratching my ankles I really don't know what the fascination is for him in doing that, but in all the time we've had him I've never been able to dissuade him from doing it. Ok now his head has gone up there and I have to go pull him out.....

We are just about to go to bed so Sonic is in the bedroom wailing at us to come to bed!

ETA Radar has now left me alone, but he's just untied Nate's shoelaces
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Diesel will be sleeping on the couch on his favourite blanket, and Portia is most likely sleeping in the bottom of our bedroom cupboard
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Miagi is on the couch sleeping and Tiger is right by me in front of the heater. my dogs are all over the house.
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Chloe is sleeping on her kitty bed on my bed, Katy's sleeping on a kitty bed on the dresser and Bailey's laying on the rug between the dining room and the kitchen . . . his favorite spot because that way he can see me heading to the kitchen to feed him.
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Leo is playing in the sink, or so it sounds to me.

Gracie is right here, snuggling with me.

Raphael is in "the cooler" (my bedroom) for a couple minutes because he got a little rambunctious with the other cats and needs to chill out for a sec before I let them all intermingle again.
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lol well since i am at work, my guess would they are sleeping.
Since i still lock up eazy in his own room(until he finally understand what he can claw on and what not)
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
Doing right now? Tavia is in a spot on the floor sleeping. She looks so sweet and content. She has been doing that most of the day too.
Chynna is sleeping on my computer desk with her head on my graphic tablet so I couldn't use it now if I wanted to.

Abby is sleeping on the loveseat across the room.

I actually just took a few pictures of them this evening but don't feel like processing them tonight. I"ll try and do it this weekend.
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Quill is right outside my room, stretched out n the carpet and playing with his chili pepper toy
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Topaz has just gone into the kitchen for her mid morning snack and Ari is on top of my monitor watching me post.
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Getting into trouble Im sure since I am not at work! Nollee is probably using our breakfast bar stools as a jungle gym, tackling Tiger, playing with her toys, batting at the fish, sleeping, or scratching her post! Tiger is probably sleeping, harrassing Nollee, eating, or climbing into our cupboards... Its his new thing! He is too fat to go in those small things! He opens the doors and climbs in, crinkling all of our chips! What a weirdo!
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We are people putting in our central air so they have 5 supervisers right now. Monster is hiding but all of the rest are making sure they do it right!
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Meggie is in the basement, stealing catfood out of the bag she tore a hole in (like I don't know why she wants down there- she's going to be disappointed when I bring it up ), Bird- who knows? Probably outside (the back door is open), Smoochie is probably sleeping upstairs, and Butterbean just-just got up from sitting here with me in my chair to wander out the open door...
When I get up from here in a minute, they will all be on the kitchen table/diningroom table/hutch waiting for a treat, as it is about time for Bird's and the dog's meds!
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Jack, Emily and Dexter are in the "cat" room playing. (It is a spare bedroom that has all of their toys, condo, and cat toys to play with) And Sheeba is sleeping on my DVD player (her favorite warm spot).
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