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Help me!!!

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My printer of 2 months does not turn on and I am waiting to hear back from local warranty service center-hopefully they can fix.
But the real problem is we use Turbo tax and haven't printed off our tax stuff!!
I have one of those Verbatim 512mb flash drives-I can drag the turbo tax file into it and Neil can take to his office to print correct?? Then how do I get the file back onto my home computer? Or does it take a copy?? Is this enough memory??? Or should I burn on a CD
Hopefully its an easy fix for my printer but its really bad timing for us.:
Thanks fr any help.
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You can download pdf software trials and print it as a pdf and print it elsewhere but I am not sure if the turbotax file itself would print elsewhere as it saves it as an encrypted file (unless he was to install turbotax at the office)
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I called the authorized service center as I didn't get an email back-its changed owners!! He said to take it to Best Buy so I made the trip. The Geek Squad dude not familiar with this printer (Samsung mono laser) said oh yea it doesn't turn on!! Well duh. He looked something up on computer and said not fixing and gave me a new one-I tried to get the old toner cartridge (no luck). Its was a $135 dollar printer too. So the new one is ready to go!!
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