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Piccies of my furry family (at last)!

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Well - here goes, my first forray into posting kittipix . . .

Ferdy first
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Now let's try madam Fifi.
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Finally my blue baby, Balie.
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Aww Yola they are just gorgeous!!! Faaabulous!!
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Yola they are beautiful! Your Ferdi looks like a short haired version of my Trent. I just love those big, round, amber eyes!
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Thanks Heidi and Bod.

Ferdy is my FIV stray that came to me in March/April. He's a tough little cookie but I love him SO much, and he is repaying our love by being a real sweetie and such a lap cat - who would've thought!
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Hi Yola.
Ferdy,Fifi and balie are gorgeous.FiFi looks like my Bailey who is cream.I bet they are spoilt rotten just like my 2 boys are but cats are supposed to be spoilt,right?
Purrrs Veronica,Bailey and Sunny
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Very Cute!
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They all look so beautiful.
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They are so gorgeous Yola.

I especially like the one of Balie snuggled up with the teddy

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Ahhhhhh!!! Wonderful snuggle kitties!!! Thank you for sharing.
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They are all gorgeous furbabies so thank you for sharing them with us
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oooooohhhhhhh! pretty kitties. i am parcial to black cats, so ferdy is very handsome. but they are all beautiful. nice and fluffy! how old is ferdy and how is he doing?
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Hi Cozy - I'm not exactly sure how old Ferdy is, the vets thought about 7 or 8 years old, but becuase he's been living rough, they felt he may actually be a litte younger than that.

He's fit as a fiddle - the FIV is having no tangible effect on him. He was very ill due to a head wound when he ccame to us, but now he is more energetic and plays far more than the other two cats.

Hopefully he'll be with us for a good while yet!
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Oh Yola, they are just so beautiful and your Ferdi looks very like my soul mate.
Diann in Australia
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What a beautiful fur family! They are lucky to have such a loving mommy!
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Ferdi is just stunning! What gorgeous eyes he has! It looks like one eye is yellow and one is green, but that may be just the way the light is shining on them! And Fifi and Balie are just beautiful! They look so soft and fluffy!!!! Thanks for showing us those pictures! I love them!
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Debby - if he had odd coloured eyes, I'd have called him Bowie (after David, he of the odd coloured eyes . . .)

But no - sadly it's just my less-than-average photographic skills!!

Isn't it strange but black cats ALWAYS come out the best in photographs. Every piccie of black kits I see here are always so endearing!

Sadly persians are not all that photogenic (well, mine certainly aren't - the only one good pcitue I have is of Fifi sitting in the snow a couple of winters ago).

Believe me, they are far, far cuter, cuddlier and softer than these photos let on.
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I think they're all beautiful! Ferdy is very handsome, too! No wonder you're proud.
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Oooh!! Squishy faces!! I love em!

Psst!!Sampson thinks Fifi is very puuuurty! I keep telling him I'll find him a girlfriend but I don't think he's ready to settle down just yet.

They're all gorgeous, you should be very proud.
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What beautiful cats, you're so lucky
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Jessica! This is a family site! I'm shocked. Well, if they have a chaperone-----maybe.....
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Oh Jessica, Fifi is such a cuddle bunchkin and such a little flirt I'm sure Sampson would be besotted.

She just wiggles that cute little butt of hers and all the blokes (cat, human or otherwise) are eating out of her hand!
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LOL - I just had an image of Fifi walking down the street with a gaggle of males following behind! Too funny.
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Ady - you better believe it. She is SUCH a babe, all eyes, squeaks and wiggles.

Ken is smitten with her. She climbs up his jeans whenever he comes into the room. She loves him to bits I swear!

Totally ignores me of course - she knows she can't work those womanley wiles on me!!!
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Oh Yola! they are gorgeous. What a beutiful bunch of fur balls! And Madam Fifi: Perfect name for such a face. It suits her well!
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