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What's the weather

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Like where you are at. Its nice out today but has kind of a muggy feeling like it might rain later. The temps are up in the 70s
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Its gorgeous here. Temps are in the 80's. We have broken record highs this week I think 2 times. But we could really use some rain with all the pollen!
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Very pretty day here, but in the 50's.......that's ok with me!
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Grey and wet and miserable and very.............English!!!!!
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was supposed to rain today but the sun is out instead. I think its in the upper 60's, lower 70's which is fine, because it has been kind of hot already, which I don't like.
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well its early evening here in Spain - about 19.15pm - the temp is 18ºc with some white fluffy clouds - we had rain earlier today
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It's cold here. I want the nice weather back.
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It's pretty cold here. Its currently 7C (44F) and not supposed to get much warmer today.
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It's really pretty, and I'm enjoying it because I think this is probably the last snow of the season for us. It's been unseasonably warm, so it's nice to be back to March weather, even if it's just for a day or two.
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It's nice out. Sunny, and about 50. Not really warm, but it's getting warmer so I'm happy
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The sun is beginning to peek out, about 50F but windy (again/still!!) I'm going outside in a bit to do some pruning (with my new saw!!)
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New Hampshire is sunny, a bit cool and pretty windy out there!
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