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Feeding time

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ok, Lily and Alfie are on different foods kitten and adult in a month or so time i'm thinking of putting alfie on to adult with lily, the thing is they are fed seperatly in different rooms but alfie insists on trying to get lily's food instead, he seems to prefure adult, but once i accidently put adult food in his bowl he still went to lilys, even though it was the same! How can i get them to eat nicely side by side instead of alfie pushing lily away all the time, even if they are eating the same food??
I hope that made sence lol
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My cats all eat from each others bowls, they are convinced there is something better over there

I just spread them apart, they eat most of the meal from their own bowl and then wander around after that tasting the others.
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I feed my crew in a row, against the cupboard. It cuts down on the plate/bowl swapping, but it doesn't eliminate it. They always want what they can't have.
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humm i guess, i just dont want lily to be put out because she will just walk away and alfie will eat it all
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