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Cat driving me crazy please help!!!!!

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about 5 months ago I moved into my grandparents house with my cat. We are staying here until October. I live upstairs and my grandparents do NOT want my cat downstairs. There is nothing I can do about this. Upstairs is only as small as my last apartment.
My cat wont STOP meowing at the door though, even when I am upstairs with her. She has a high pitched meow and it is seriously driving me NUTS. I don't know how to make her stop....Ive taken to throwing stuffed animals at her (not hurting her at all!) and it only makes her stop for about 3 seconds.
Also, when I am on my computer she insists on rubbing against my monitor, which is an LCD monitor and she is going to wreck it. When she wants attention she wont just sit down or lay down so I can pet her she has to be MOVING CONSTANTLY.
I don't know what to do, she never used to be this way! She used to be a lot quieter!
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She is probably stressed about her new environment have you tried Feliway to calm her a bit ?
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no Ive heard of it but I dont know where to find it here in Canada. And its not really new any more its going on 6 months now...
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maybe playing with her to tire her out a bit?
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oooo.....just thought, is she spayed - if not, well you know she'll be going crazy just to get outside !
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yes she is spayed
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Originally Posted by npreprost View Post
yes she is spayed
darn, thought that was it

You can order Feliway on the internet, it might be worth having a go
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Oh my gosh! Do you live in my house? Kit meows INCESSANTLY when she wants something and she has a one track mind. Ignoring her is practically pointless but I can distract her if I have some super cool toys. Maybe its time she got a new cat house? Cat nip has saved me before too.
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Hmm, I don't know what to tell you. Noel gets crazy like that occasionally.. maybe try opening a window for her, if possible or giving her a "kitty sill seat".. mine love that.
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She's probably just desperate for something to do. Feliway's expensive in Canada and I don't think that's the answer anyhow, but if you can spring for a carpet covered cat tree that has perches, hidey holes, etc. and that she can scratch on, it would help a lot, as would interactive toys like dragging knotted cords under newsprint, throwing very small balls for her to chase, maybe finding a laser light pointer for her to chase in the dark, etc. You can't just expect her to sit like a doorstop all day and otherwise. She probably really could use another cat for a friend too, but I don't think that would be practical now.
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I played a new game with my cats this morning and remembered your problem. Here's what we did:
But I thought you might tape the lid on a shoe box and cut a few holes in the sides, just big enough for your cat's paw to go through. Then toss in a few yummies and see what happens. You could also add cat nip or a favorite toy.

Please let me know if this helps.
post #12 of 12 has Feliway Comfort Zone diffusers much cheaper than in stores, and I believe they do ship to Canada! Or you might find a Canadian supplier online, too. I'll bet that would help your little one to settle down.

You might also try some Rescue Remedy, an herbal liquid that you can put in her water or massage inside the tips of her ears.

I like the idea of creating new things for her to do, too... it surely can't hurt a bit, and might be a big help.

But please... don't throw things at her! Even if it doesn't hurt, it's bound to confuse and stress her even further, poor baby.
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