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Introducing Second Cat

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Two nights ago I was given a new cat.
I am going to read the threads on how to introduce new cats but I have a question.
Kitty, I have always thought, has quite a dominant personality. He knows what he wants and he`s not afraid to show it!
Maisie on the other hand, bearing in mind I`ve only had her 2 days is very sweet and quiet.
Last night I moved Maisie out of the office and into my small laundry room while Kitty was outside. There is a gap under the door of about an inch and a half so when Kitty came in I pointed out the bottom of the door and he was quite suprised but apart from that he doesn`t seem too interested.
There has been no hissing or spitting from either cats. Kitty doesn`t seem to register the new smells even when Maisie has been sitting on me and I`ve stroked her then gone and stroked Kitty.
I`m not planning on rushing things as Maisie still has to have her teeth done and I`m thinking she`ll be best on her on to recover and get properly settled down.
Do you think this is a good sign though?
Tonight when Kitty is asleep I`m going to close the lounge door and let Maisie come out and stretch her legs. Then she can have a sniff at Kitty smells and when she goes back and Kitty comes out he can smell her a bit more.
Is that the right thing to do for the time being?
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To me it sounds like your doing the right things, you never know he might not even be bothered and vica versa, when i got alfie lily was really cheesed off with me and ignored me for days let alone alfie but then i didnt keep them apart to begin with
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Exchange their blankets as well so they get used to each others smell, i used to do it twice a day It sounds good so far as well because Kitty will know theres something going on?!

Keep us updated though
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You are doing basically the same things I did. At first I kept Alley in her own "safe" room, and I would parade Persi in her room so that they could get a good look at each other but no touching. Eventually I would put Persi down and Persi would approach Alley who would hiss and scratch at him. I only did this for a minute or so at a time and kept increasing the time until finally after about four days, Persi could touch her without any hissing. At that point, I let Alley out of her room and kept close supervision. Within a few days they were up on the bed with us at night and then within another few days, they were on our bed together as you see below. During this time I started moving both Alley's food supply/water and litter box closer and closer to Persi's and then eventually I just removed separate facilities and they now eat together and use the same litter box. So, it just takes perserverence! You have started out very good and I am sure you will be successfull!
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Well, Maisie is coming out of herself a bit more! She doesn`t look so depressed now and she loves the toys Kitty got for Christmas but wasn`t interested in
Kitty is definatly a bit miffed with me. He doesn`t want his cuddles at the moment and I cant stroke him as much as before because he gets annoyed.
I have opened the door a bit so they can see each other and Maisie doesn`t seem bothered and I think Kitty is more interested in her food! This is going to be a bit of a problem as he has a special diet!
All her fleas are gone and I`ve brushed and combed her which she likes.
Just been and bought her her own bed as she had a folded up duvet. Kitty wont sleep in a bed but he has his own blanket on his chair so I will swop that around with her duvet. She may not use the bed either!

I was wondering if Kitty was miffed because she was there or because he can`t really see her? When I shut him in and let her out, I only let her in the hall and lounge. Then when Kitty comes back out he goes and looks out the door and under the kitchen cupboards!
She is booked in to have her teeth done monday so when she`s recovered from all that I will move on a bit with the introductions.
Thanks for your advice and comments!
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