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Crying/ Feeding Issue...

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Our Raggie (recently dubbed Simon, Thief of Hearts) cries whenever I'm rinsing out/ filling up his water and food bowls.

I have experience with dogs and birds--both vastly different from cats. I'd like to know if it's bad that I set down the replenished bowls when Simon is crying. (It is not a case where he cries first and I jump to feed him. He starts crying *as* I'm working on his food.)

Could it just be a case of him saying, "Hurry up; I'm hungry," and I should set down his bowl immediately and not worry so much. Or do I need to distract him, wait until he's been cry-free for a few minutes, and then set down his bowls? (Yes, I'm looking at this from a bird psychology perspective, which is making it harder on me.)

Thank you!

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If you enjoy his "talking" you could encourage it by talking back (in people talk as cat talk might seen a little weird to anyone around!)If you find the talking disturbing then train him to not talk by distracting him with play time, although this may encourage him to talk befire play! lol Some cats are just talkers. I guess you just have to look at it in a different light to not see it as crying! I talk to my cats all the time and feel a little zing if they talk back! (I do the same thing to people babies too young to talk too!) Ohh, maybe I'm a little weird, my kids say it all the time! Let us know how things turn out!
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whenever i come back from the grocery on the weekends, my cats all run to the kitchen as soon as i get in the door. meowing, meowing, meowing! they have food in their bowl, but i usually get canned food or a treat from the store and they know this. they go crazy and bout trip me everytime as i'm trying to get their weekly treat out of the bag. so when i go to say walmart or dollar store and come in with bags, they run to the kitchen and meow. i feel so guilty ,knowing those bags don't have treats. they are definatly talking!
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So the final word, then, is that I shouldn't worry about his crying (a long, drawn-out whine) and just feed him? As I've said, I won't feed him when he cries beforehand (which he doesn't do anyway). He cries when he sees his food being changed.


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Heck yeah! Make it easy on yourself. I too have the grocery store exprerience when arriving home! They sure have me trained!
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It's really nothing to worry about. He's just, in his own words, telling you "hurry up with my damn food!"

I think it's rather cute when cats talk to you when fixing their dinner. My cat Bailey almosts exausts his lungs with all the screaming and demanding hehe

I just talk to him while I'm preparing it
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