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I THINK I found a balinese kitten...

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We found a wonderful little kitten in our parking lot the other day. He had the markings of a Siamese but had a long fluffy tail and longer silky hair.

Does anyone have any experience with these cats?
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Do you have a photo? It could also be a Himalayan. They also have colorpoints with long fur. The body structure is a bit different though.

Check this website for help identifying the kitty:


let us know what you find out!
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Oh man! To die for!! Seriously cute.

But I don't know what tpe it is (maybe Himlayan) - others will I'm sure.
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Your cat is very cute.

From what I could see - he looks very much like a Ragdoll to me!

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He is beautiful!!!!
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This little furball looks a bit like a Birman, though it was a little hard to tell from the photo - does he have a bit of white on his face? Are those white "socks" on his feet?
Might be a cross of some type, but the body and the way he's lying is exactly the way my 7 month old Birman looks, along with that fluffy tail!!
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Himalayans have a full mask - like a Siamese. Ragdolls have that white spot that streaks up the nose and splits their mask. They also have a white streak on their belly (it will contrast to the ivory body coloring). I don't know what Birmans are like. Regardless, he is a BEAUTY! Good luck keeping up with that fur! :-)
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Id definately go with a Ragdoll too!! How adorable!! , at first glance I thought Birman... but then I noticed the two tones on his face, he has a "mask" and then the white streak like Meezer mentioned, so I'd say it was a Ragdoll.
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My first thought was ragdoll.
Very beautiful either way.
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I'm about 100% positive that you've found a Ragdoll. (I have one at home myself and couldn't help but notice the flatter head profile Raggies are supposed to have.)

My Simon is a blue bicolor boy. Yours is the same, only a seal bicolor (brown markings), rather than gray.

Good luck finding his owners!

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I agree definitely a Ragdoll. Balinese are built and colored like siamese only with long hair and have no white markings, Himalayans are stocky like the persian and are pointed but with no white markings, and Birmans are longhaired and pointed but only have white on the tips of their toes making them look like they are wearing white gloves.

You've got yourself quite a cutie there. Is it a boy or girl? Does it have a name yet?

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