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What is you favourite thing to cook?

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This is a run off to Tigger's cooking question, it started me wondering what is you favourite thing to cook. Favourite recipe etc!!! Perhaps we can start a cooking thread to share one recipe each and all try the different ones and see how they turn out. It can be your favourite dessert, main meal or entree. If you all would like to do this great, if this has been already done forgive me and point me to the thread. I'll wait to see what you would all like to do before I submit my original chicken dish (yummy) I also have original recipes for Peanut butter and chocolate rice bubble slice and the worlds best rum bites made with Bundy rum of course hehehe!!! Any way let's see!
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Pancakes and Maple Syrup
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I'll have to bring in the recipe from home, but my favorite dish is a 6-hour Superbowl Sunday stew. Yes, six hours. The idea is you put it on at the beginning of the game and have it at the end. I don't wait for the Superbowl, however. By the time it's done, all the ingredients have cooked down together and it's soooo yummy!
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There have been several recipie threads in the past. Try doing a search in the TCS archives, you may find some great ones that are yummy!!! I remember several that I tried that were really great.
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I know we have a recipe thread from quite awhile ago, here somewhere....let me see if I can find it for you.....
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My favorite thing to cook would probably be ribs or maybe crawfish.
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I have been cooking up a storm since I moved to my new house that actually has a normal size kitchen (before I lived in a condo with a galley kitchen).

Anything with fresh herbs, seafood, baked breads etc.

Last night I made my comfort food:

Herbed cheese bread, mixed salad with fresh herbs, and a mushroom penne with garlic and white wine sauce.

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my idea of cooking = trix and milk!
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Mars Bar chocolate mousse although I can't seem to remember where I put the recipe out.

And the best comfort food of cheese on toast a la Marie which is grated cheese (preffrably red leicester or any red cheese) add a bit of milk and tomatoe sauce, mix it up and spread plenty of it on some toast and pop it under the grill untill it bubbles.

I've made myself hungry now

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Ooh Marie! Cheese on toast a la Marie! What a wonderful idea! I am a big fan of toast-based meals - cheese on, beans on, egg on, just butter on.
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I don't have anything particular, but I love to bake deserts!

Speaking of food, does anybody have a really good Clam Chowder Recipe. I'd like a recipe for fresh clams. I can't dig for my own clams, but I'd like to get fresh clams from the market. I just love clam chowder!
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My favorite thing to cook would probably be broiled fish since it's fairly quick and it's fun to experiment with different seasonings and such.

Although I LOVE french toast I cannot make it right no matter but Brian makes the best... Well him and my grandmother, I can't decide.
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I have this one recipe for BBQ meatballs that are really good, but have those "secret ingredients". The trick is when you make the meatballs instead of oatmeal as the filler, use Rice Krispies. Bake the Meatballs, then take the meatballs out of the pan and put in cooked rice mixed with one can cream of chicken, mushroom or celery soup. For the BBQ, use regular store bought or home made, your choice, but dilute it with Dr. Pepper or Coke. The soda adds a whole new dimension to the BBQ, and it is really good.
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I am really glad I bought the Foreman grill, even though I have only cooked myself grilled cheese & a chicken breast, LOL. Hubby has made hot dogs, quesadillas & grilled cheeses for himself.
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My favourite meal to prepare (and is Sate Beef or Sate Chicken. Yummo!
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Chicken and Dumplings, Spinach Artichoke Dip, and Potato Soup! I absolutely love to cook! I just did a turkey dinner 2 weeks ago, then simmered the bones for a week, and made a turkey barley soup last Sunday from it!
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Now that I'm home, every night, I'll start cooking, more often. Tonight's entree is spaghetti with shrimp, roasted garlic and parmesan sauce. I, also, have roasted garlic bread, to go with it.

I sautee 1 lb. of 16-20 ct. cooked shrimp, with garlic, oregano and whatever else is in the spice cupboard. Add a jar of Ragu roasted garlic and parmesan sauce, reduce flame and simmer, while pasta is cooking. Very rich and fattening but, I only make it 3-4 times a year.

The Albertson's, where I shop, has this wonderful organic roasted garlic bread. We go through at least 1 loaf, per week. Its very crusty and chewy, with a heavy garlic flavor. Good thing, that Bill and I both love garlic. Otherwise, I'd never get kissed! Last night, he tried the jalapeno and garlic stuffed olives, that I got at the home show. He likes them as much as I do. At $7.00 a jar, they're a rare treat.
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