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Penelope and Maverick's Big Move

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We're moving next week. How do I get my babies best prepared for the move?

I just returned from a vacation and for the past 5 weeks they have been living amidst boxes without much of a problem or concern (Penelope loves to climb them). I bought a feliway diffuser before the vacation but I didn't notice much of a change in behavior (not that they were acting up or anything).

I intend to introduce them to the new house next Friday while I am there cleaning the cubboards and moving the "kitchen" items into the place. Then they will be spending the night at my mother's house because I thought the barren home would freak them out. On Saturday they will not be present during the move, and will arrive after all items are in place and we are done with the major unloading.

Any other suggestions??
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I think all the diff. moves will stress them a lot - to the new place, then your mom's, then the new place again, etc. Why not just either leave them at home in an 'off-limits' already-emptied room til the whole move is done and then bring them straight to the new place, or at least straight to your mother, and then the new place when you're all in, and skip the cleaning day time.
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I think you have a good plan in place. It is a lot of shuffling but I think they being there when you settle in would be too much. I know my kitties are liked that. DH & I left Lucky & Molly at my mom's for two days before we got them. Of course they only moved once but they hate the noises of moving.
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Thanks for the advice.
They travel very well and enjoy going to mom's house to stay, but maybe the day trip to the new house is a bit much for them. I was doing that more to get them used to the smells there than anything.
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When I move, I actually put my cats in the vets for a few days. I am always afraid that the movers, the activity, etc would be more stressful for them ,then staying at my vets. Then I can get a room ready for them - with their familiar things, etc. before I introduce them to the new home. From there, it has always been, let them explore at their own pace! Although I hope that with my new home, I will not be moving again!
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