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The art of deworming Ferals

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We are on the second day of our twoday adventure of deworming.
Since putting on the dot-on treatment is expensive and stressfull every month we decided to deworm the cats properley with a tough dewormer.
Zasha, Izzy, Ice and Wesely was one pill- no problem but the rest....
I have found a good paste that takes all worms in all stages but it has to be given two days in a row. Of course they al sensed that something was going on. Little Tosca was a succes since we can pet her. I just waited untill she was in the mood to be huged and placed the paste in her fur. Gypsy and Agnes is not a big deal since they eat it in candy but to get them alone so they can finnish there meal. I finaly had to let Ice and Wesely free in the garden to keep them away from the candy. As soon as I try to separate the cats from eachother they get stressed and no one eats.
Moa doesnt eat anything that seem strange - not even if she is hungry so we worked out a special plan for her. Since she is pending her days in a big tube in the cat garden we both put dewormer on our hands. I sat down in front of the tube and talked with her while my husband sneaked up from behind and reached in to the tube to put it in her fur. Of course she comes out of the tube as a bullet but she then has to pass my hands with dewormer on. It will be more difficult today I think.
Little Silas is the bigges problem. He would eat it in candy if he gets the change but since Gypsy loves the paste and is less scared than Silas she steals his candy. I cannot let her out since we cannot touch or lift her up yet. I just had her alone so she could eat her second dose so now the both girls are done. I think she would eat the paste alone if I gave it to her. She seem to love the taste.
Yesterday I spent in a total four hours to get the right amount on or in the right cat.
Please keep your fingers crossed that we can finish the job today.
Especially for Moa. I think a part of her depression is that she is so full of worms that it makes her feel ill.
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And yes, Gipsy ate it in really expensive cat food and Silas in a peace of raw beaf. Just Agnes to go.
This is a realy good dewormer called flubenol. It si a paste that takes all common worms in cats if you repeat the treatment two days in a row and it is supposed to taste like beaf and yest. I really reccomend it for ferals and shy strays.
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Good for you I've given up trying to deworm Patches & Snowflake
I am able to put advantage on Patches but Snowflake does not let me touch her. I tried to pill Patches before for deworming, even having my neighbor help me but she totally freaked out as soon as we tried to open her mouth.

When I asked my vet about it she pretty much said not to bother.. as feral cats live with tapeworm pretty much their entire life with no problems. They will just get them again as soon as you are done treating them since they are always out catching birds, mice etc. At least I can keep the fleas off of Patches.
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Thank you,

I agree with that healthy cats often can live a good life with an infection of tape worms but the second they get ill it will realy tare on them. I have seen round worms effect the health on strong cats whith caugh, trewing up and weight loss. This paste is the first one i've found with as good effect as pills but tasy to cats. Litle Tosca actually licked the left overs from my fingers.

Flubenol is fairly new on the market and taste is only tested on dogs but no one of our cats disliked it.

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