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Racist cat?

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I know what you all are thinking, I don't mean against peolpe I mean against animals. I just don't know the word for that, animalist maybe?

Any way we have noticed that Karma HATES cows. I don't mean in the won't eat beef sort of way. I mean we got her a stuffed cow, the thing was almost instantly destroyed, gone, never to be seen from again. She won't eat anything that is made of beef. She is not fond of cow pattens or anything that resembles a cow. Its the same thing wih bears. She will leave the room if either comes on tv. Is she racist against these two animals? I just don't get it. She was raised in the city so I know she has never had a run in with either. Its just odd. Does anyone else have a cat that hates other animals for no reason?
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We once brought home a big (2+' high & wide) blue panther for our cats (we were pretty young ourselves!) and the second the cats saw it, the females ran away, and the male attacked it viciously. Even if it smelled like plush and filler, it obviously looked enough like a 'cat' or threat, to drive him nuts!
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well if if she was, it would be prejudiced, not racist, since cow is not a race. But I know what you mean!
Or perhaps she is prejudiced against mixes - black and white.
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I think it is possible. Cats certainly demonstrate favortisim and dislike to humans and other felines/dogs, why not other animals?

Penelope hates all things bunnies for example. She brutalized my poor stuffed Easter bunny during her first Easter with me. It was brought out the following year and she reacted the same way. She doesn't do that with my stuffed bear collection, or any other stuffed toy.
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My cats are doggist
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I don't have any advice... But that is the cutest story I have ever heard about a kitty!
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lol My Creepy just hates other animals. She even does this werid meow at birds she knows she can't get.
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You have ONE weird cat!

Charlie has one of my stuffed bunnys he likes to "attack"....lol
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