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My cat won't let me sleep

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Ok here's the deal.
I have always been a cat lover, I once owned a cat for 17 years before she passed away. I like to think I gave her a good life.

Now I have adopted another cat from my sister-in-law. He is beautiful and his name is "Scrapy". Scrapy is approx. 3 years old, male and very friendly. He is not the type of cat to sit on your lap but he will stay by your side all day.

I have had Scrapy now for 2 days and he won't let me sleep. He seems to be very comfortable around me and my wife but he meows all night long. We invite him to sleep in our room but he doesn't come. When we go to him, he loves to be pampered. But we need our sleep. What should we do??? I would feel quilty if I put him in the finished basement. But I need my sleep

Please you cat experts please help

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Hi there, and welcome to you!! I am glad you have joined us! I don't have any real good advice to give you on this, but I am moving it to the behavior forums, where you will likely get some really good advice from people who have been through this same thing!
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Hi - some past suggestions have been to tire kitty out by some big-time playing prior to going to bed. That way, even though he might not slepp ALL night, you may get some sleep.

Bear in mind if you've only had him a couple of days, he's probably excited, nervous and a little upset by being moved to a new home. Things may settle down on their own pretty soon.

If all else fails - you really will need to shut him into a room on his own (with food, water, litter tray and toys of course) until he understands that nightime noise is not an option.
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Hi there, as Yola said, as h'es only been with you for two days he is probably still feeling a little nervous and unsure of things, you could try putting him in another room at night and leaving a light on, and/or the radio on a classical station (or classical CD etc).

You could also try giving him a few drops of Bachs Rescue Remedy an hour or so before bed time,its just a herbal thing which calms them down and relaxes them, it might just allow you (and him) to get some sleep at night

You can buy Bach Rescue Remedy from most superstores and health food shops.
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Thanks for the input

but would it be cruel if I put him in the basement with food, light music of course.
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You can try making your bedroom more attractive to him. He is brand new so as the others have said, he needs to adjust to his new world. I would go out and get a cat post for him so he can sleep up high. Cats love to sleep high, they feel secure. Right before bedtime, I would engage him in at least 10-15 minutes of play time with an interactive toy. The best toy is to take an old fishing pole and attach a light toy to the end of it and reel it in and back and forth and make this kitty really exercise. That will help to tire him out.

I am not saying you are, but if he meows a lot don't scold him and don't punish him. He is just being a kitty and is really not doing it to annoy you. Also, invest in a good pair of ear plugs. Good luck!
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