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Am the only one with *weird* cats?? LOL

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Taffy has this habit of scratching at his food, or any food he gets near. Im talking like ya know, like when he uses the liter box! He goes 90 to nothing scratching away at food! It just looks so silly to me.

Tell me Im not the only one with a "weird cat"!!
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sounds like he is trying to hide the food, mine do that all the time. after i fill the dry food dish
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mine do that ALL the time, as a matter of fact, Stormie is doing it now, Willie was the first to do it, then stormie came along and she does it now as well, and Blue does it sometimes but stormie does it everytime she eats same for willie, they like to "hide" their food, I really hate when they use our things to cover it to, for example a bra that was on my bed because a cover of wet food on the floor envelopes and bills and such always cover the downstairs food
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Cleo does that, and i dont think its just because she is blind! Even when her foot dips in the water she will keep scratching the edge of the bowl, and when she starts driinking she makes sure her feet are sitting on top of the bowl so it doesn't vanish. And when she finishes in the loo she jumps out and scratches the newspaper a little and digs a hole to China! lol
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Stanley will do that. He will even scratch at the empty bowl when I'm getting the food out. I guess he gets excited
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my cats dont do that but Prince will put both his front paws in the water dish when he is drinking and will play in the water when he was little i thought it was because the bowl was to big but i've tried everything, I guess he just likes to get his paws wet
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Awwww, no he isn't weird...he is just a cat I think cats ARE weird by definition...

And to ask if Trout is weird....well....I think we all know that she is 3 exits past weird
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