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I'm not sure if this is the right place But..

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Well, I have to re-home my kitty. He is a 11mo old Siamese Mix. I am allergic,and no meds are helping. My friend has been keeping him, But she just found out her kitty is prego :-O She got out a cpl weeks ago when the kids were going in and out. :-( So, She needs him gone. She was sneaking him there as it is with her landlord and all! So, I am coming here in hopes that someone in the area might be interested. I am in the Tampa Area of Florida. He is not going to be free, But It will only be a small fee for him. He is neutered has his shots, good with other animals, and is very Loving! He is a PURR Machine! Everyone that sees hims says how beautiful he is! If interested please let me know!

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even though I'm not in your area, I do hope you find a solution.
Have you searched for a no kill rescue that has foster home volunteers? that would be a good ideal...
wish you the best.
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Hmm, All the shelters right now are Filled with Cats! I went to the SPCA,an I think 85% of the cages are full, and The Cat Spacific rescues are having a hard time placing *At least this is what I was told*. He is a cat that would do horrid in a cage. :-( He likes being with people so much, that being in a cage or locked up, would depress him. I may just have to keep him here, and deal with my allergies.. *Sigh*
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Oh I am sorry to hear this.........but I have to ask...........is this the only option, isnt there anything else you can explore before you have to let your kit go ? Is it because you let the cat sleep with you or go on your bed ?
I understand you've probably done all the things you can think of, but its just such a shame
Maybe some of our other members who have similar problems might have a suggestion for you
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Did your allergies develop or have you always been allergic to him? Have you tried different allergy meds? I hope you can find a good solution for him...it may be harder to rehome him at that age.
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As far as the reason, I Don't let him sleep with us because of this. But If for example am sitting here on the computer, he wants to be in my face, and on my lap 24/7! And I can't have him near my face, I can't pet him Nothing! My DH is also becoming allergic to him. And I have always been allergic to kittys, But none I have ever had have wanted in my face this much. And usually only bothered me if I was in a room full of them..Which doesn't happen in RL. I had my first sign when I worked at the SPCA,and had to clean the cat room..My Boss told me I looked like I was on drugs,and then asked me to take a drug test. So yea.. I have always had it, and they showed up with him when he was about 6 mo old. I have tried all the over the counter meds to help, Nothing does any thing for me, but knock me out. *sigh*

And as far as finding him a home, I know it is going to be difficult, and that is what I am worried bout. I may just have to make him a outside cat,Which I Don't wanna do at all! He is TERRIFIED outside! So I don't know what to do at this point.
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how about prescription medications? OTC meds don't do the job most of the time, but I know nothing at all about allergies. my sister and my dad has terrible allergies and they just dealt with it for awhile and eventually they were okay, they became immune to them I guess.
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