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Hello on this fine night

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Hope everyone is doing well. I had a descent day at work although I am very tired now have already pulled my covers back so all I have to do is get into bed. Lilly and Tavia are in good moods and Macy is fairly quiet so I think I will be going to bed. Goodnight everyone sleep well. Love and Hugs Gail.
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good night, .....

man i wish i was going home and going to bed lol
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I'm still wired from working 10 hours. Honey cooked me turkey tacos and now I'm working on unwinding. I've only been home for 2 and 1/2 hours. What a busy busy day.
Have a great night all, peaceful dreams and for those of you in other parts of the world, have a great morning/afternoon.

Until tomorrow then..
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glad u had a good day at work...i wish i could go to sleep, but im wired now and I got an english paper to write now and i gotta do another thing on my own even thouhg my brother was supposed to help me last week and so far everynight hes said tonite and then ends up going out so i gotta do it by friday !!! So i am booked and gotta keep myself so to speak! But I hope everyone sleeps good, and get some sleep for me
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Decent work days are good, but getting home and cuddling with the kitties is FAR better! Glad you get to do both.

Wish I could go to bed now, too, but I just got home (it's 12 AM here...) from a 12 hour work day and school, and need to take care of Evie, take a shower, and do some laundry so I have clothes to wear tomorrow! ...so why am I on this site? You're my stress relief!

Sweet dreams to all!
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