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birthday party question

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Ok so i'm having a birthday party for my daughter this Sunday.

I have the games already that we're going to play and stuff but i have a question about the prizes.

One of the games i loved as a kid was pass the parcel and you pass the parcel around and when the music stops, you unwrap a layer of paper. Then you go around again and the music stops, the person unwraps another layer and it goes on and on until the last person actually unwraps and gets the present.

So my question is this: what kind of present do you put in a game like that and do you have something extra for the other kids ? We never did when I was kid but I'm wondering what's done now. That and factor in the fact that I am totally broke right now.

ACK! I'm totally nervous!
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I used to play that too i think it's a good game (if you get the present)

can you afford to go to a discount store? you could find some sort of toy of board game or some party favours (like balloons, party poppers etc) or lollies for a couple of dollars. And you dont need to buy paper, just use any spare wrapping paper or newspaper.

One of the parties i went to when i was little, the parents made little bags so at the end of the day every kid got one. You buy a packet of lollies (smarties, sherbet bombs, anything really) a packet of favours (bubble blowing things, rubber balls, mini slinkies, etc, stuff that isn't expensive) and paper confetti or whatever. Use colourful envelops (not the plain white ones) or get small cellophane bags or something from your store. Stick in a toy and handful of lollies into each bag. If i was doing that here, i might end up spending maybe $10 total, for maybe up to 10 kids. It depends on what you get. it's probably one of the cheapest ways to make sure every kid gets something, even if it's little, they shouldn't feel left out.

I dont know if this helps or not.
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What will the range of ages be at the party? That sounds like a great game . I often give gift certificates to places like Dairy Queen (that's good from 2 to 92-lol ), and last I checked (but they may have switched over to gift cards, so you will want to check) they gave out their gift certificates in $1 "bills". Or maybe somewhere like the Dollar Tree might give you some ideas (they also have gift certificates).
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it did help. I'm going to make party favors or whatever they are called. I'm going to go to the dollar store for the candy and stuff. I went there today and picked up some wrapping paper.
They didn't have any colorful bags but i'll go to another one to find them.

I mean, personally I teach my daughter that you have to be happy for whoever wins and that the important thing is playing and having fun while you do it. It's not always easy for them to understand that.

I think we'll be playing enough games to make everyone happy.

It's going to be 5 and 6 year olds! YAY me..not! lol
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My best friend had her 4 year olds birthday party last week, and they did picture bingo, with the winner getting a lollipop each game, and at the end, everyone got a lollipop for playing the game to make sure no one felt left out, so yes, I know what you mean!
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