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Fixed 04 "Just Desserts"

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I tried a different paper on this one. I hated it. It didn't erase very well, and I had trouble with markers bleeding through the paper. I wont use it again. On the upside I love my new Prisma-Color maker set!!!!!

I want to thank CarolPetunia for being kind enough to translate my giberish into readable english.

anyway, on with the show!!!!!!!

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I loved reading all of your comics williac. It reminds me of Garfield with all those sneaky antics
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thanks. I grew up reading, watching and drawing garfield. I didn't start out intending to copy it though. My cats were just too funny to keep to myself!!

Thanks again

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I love it. My DH does too. We want more please. They are so good. Have you thought of compiling them into a book and triing to get it published? I would buy it. What about getting them into newspapers. Its better than most comics out there right now.
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*lol* Shake that thing, woot woot
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These are soooo great! More, more, MORE!!!

My daughter uses Prisma markers...that's all she'll use!!!...s'got a huge collection!...she loves 'em too!

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You're so creative! These are great! Keep it up, looking forward to more! "You were right, that was fun!"
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Heh, great cartoon
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He he. Good work!
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Thank you for another laugh to start my day here at work! I think you need a daily thread!
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thanks for the positive feedback!!

I would someday like to put them all in a book. For now a big obstacle to trying to have them published in any kind of paper(or any other thing that requires a timely completion of new cartoons) , is my schedule(plus I don't think my drawing skills are quite ready for the masses!!). I am a full time carpenter. A working musician who plays guitar and has band practices about once a week. As the new construction season begins, so does the amount of work I have to do. I spent today stacking 100 lb stone blocks for a retaining wall at work. I'm tired, sunburned and really just want food, beer, and sleep. Most days I don't have the ambition to draw these cartoons, but I laugh so hard thinking about what they will be like when done, I can't help it. Especially since I found other people who think they are as funny to!! For example as bad as I feel now I have an Idea brewing for one involving a catnip incident our cats had last week that makes me laugh so hard I could pee!!

thanks again for a place to post these cartoons.

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That's really a hoot. I have missed your others -- must go find them.
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These are awesome!!!!! Keep 'em coming
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