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Do any of you breeders ever sell your "breeder/show" quality kittens to normal people? as long as they agree to either spay or neuter the pet.

Also would it be a possibility that an agreement worked out that you would show the kitten and also if it is of superior quality that you will return the kitten to the breeder to use in her breeding program at certain times of the year until the stud/queen is ready to be retired? Keep in mind that if this happened the person buying your animal will live withing a 40 minute drive away so transportation to and from is not an issue.
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Yes, I have sold show quality kittens as pets to non-show homes but I neuter the cats first before they go.

I have also sold a show neuter to a supposed show home and was disappointed when the cat was NOT shown as promised. It doesn't matter in the end since that particular cat is very well looked after and much loved.

As for breeding cats - well, I haven't reached that bridge but I would think that I would not release a breeding cat to a non-breeder. I'd rather wait until the cat has retired before I re-home.
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the reason i'm asking is because the kitten that i am waiting for is coming from a pair of cats that are both internationally ranked so most likely all the kittens will be breeder or show quality. As such i wouldn't want to remove the bloodline from the development of the breed, yet at the same time i do want the kitten as a kitten so that i can bond with her more
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Yup most breeders will sell breeder/show quality kittens to Pet homes, at least most breeders that I know. A good home is always the most important thing.
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It really shouldn't be an issue. If both the sire and dam are still youngish and healthy, your breeder should be able to produce another litter of the same mating for their foundation. You also have a misconception...just because both parents are ranked doesn't mean the mating wont produce pet quality kittens. Yes, It's more likely that out of a litter of maybe 4, you will get more show/breeder but there will be the odd kitten or more!

It will depend on your contract...if the breeder were to sell you show/breeders with the intention to breed later then, you may have to co-own the cat in the end so that breeding rights remain with the original breeder and not you.
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thank you for answering my question and i do know that just because two are highly ranked does not guarantee show/breeding quality kittens but i am considering all possibilities so that i will be prepared for it. If the issue comes up. Again thank you for answering so promptly

And how would the co-own work? sorry for being so inquisitive. Its just i like doing research so i can make an informed decision
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Co-ownership...you own the cat but not the breeding rights in essence. If you were to mate the cats, the resulting kittens will carry the original breeder's prefix. In other words, you share the cat and the kittens. If the cat is male, then, the arrangement may mean you have stud rights. If the cat is female then, you send the cat back for breeding and either you get 1/2 purchase rights of the kittens or one kitten in return.

Very hard to say since we don't really know what your contract will dictate!
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Most people who make arrangements for co-owning a breeding cat are interested in showing the cat too.

Most of my rexes were show quality, but most lived as pampered pets. Usually it was a good friend that got one that showed too. If I thought it was really good, I'd keep the cat and show myself because not a lot of people who adopt pedigreed cats want to show.

We bought Charlie as a pet initially. He turned out better and the breeder is letting us show him. I'll probably only show him to Grand Champion status and then keep him as a pet. The breeder's cats will get the credit of producing another grand which help her out too
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